By Garret Heinrich

Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – The furniture store owner who refunded $7 million to his customers after the Super Bowl by offering to pay back customers who spent $6,000 or more if the Seahawks won is looking to get some of that back with his latest promotion focusing not on a team known for winning, but on a team known for losing.

Jim “Mattress Mac” McIngvale is offering the first 500 customers who comes into either of his Gallery Furniture store in and spend $6,300 a refund if the Houston Astros win 63 or more games during the regular season this  year.

McIngvale is not seeing this promotion as rooting for losses for the Astros, who would have to have their fourth straight 100+ loss season in order for ‘Mattress Mac’ to not refund his customers.  McIngvale told Nick & Lopez on In The Loop on SportsRadio 610 Wednesday Morning that he is “hoping the Astros win 63 games or more” and that is a win for him if he loses because it makes “customers for life.”

Gallery Furniture held two big promotions during the NFL playoffs earlier in 2014 that caused the store to refund $8.2 mil to it’s customers.  If the Astros do win 63 games this season it would cost McIngvale another $3.15 million dollars in refunded money.

The line of 63 games is a calculated line for McIngvale.  Odds makers in Las Vegas have placed the Astros over/under win total for the season at 62 1/2 wins right at the number McIngvale is banking on the Astros to come in under.

The Astros have been the worst team in baseball for the past three seasons, posting win totals of 51 (2013), 55 (2012), & 56 (2011) during that time frame.  Only two other teams in Major League history have lost 100+ games in four straight seasons.  The 1962-1965 New York Mets and the 1961-1964 Washington Senators were the other two.

The Astros have already cut into that 63 win total by beating the New York Yankees on opening night 6-2.

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