By Garret Heinrich

Houston (CBS Houston) – Terrelle Pryor might have thought he was going to enter the 2014 season with the Oakland Raiders as a contender for the starting quarterback job he left when he got injured after nine starts in 2013. But with the Raiders trade for Matt Schaub from the Texans for a sixth round pick it seems Pryor’s days with Oakland are numbered.

It was reported Monday that Pryor requested a trade from Oakland. The former Ohio State Buckeye told In The Loop’s Nick Wright & John Lopez on Tuesday on SportsRadio 610 that he actually never asked for the trade, he left that up to his agents.

“When I hired Drew [Rosenhaus] and Jason [Rosenhaus] back. I told them, ‘I want you guys to make a decision for me and what’s best for my career…I don’t think you guys ever done this before without talking to a player, if you think I should get traded or moved or whatever you wanna do, call it, you guys take control of the situation. I want to be in a great situation coming into next year.’ So, I didn’t really, I’m leaving it to the guys that…represent me and I believe in that are going to make a phenomenal decision for me that can help my career. I’m putting all my faith in these guys.”

Pryor likes Oakland. He likes the fans and he thinks he can still help the Raiders, but he thinks sometimes change is needed.

“I think sometimes you need a new environment. I don’t think I need a new environment in terms of the fans,” Prior said about possibly leaving Oakland. “I think other things you just need a new start from other things, you know. There are different situations from other players. Sometimes it’s just what needs to happen. That’s one thing. If it does happen that is one thing I will miss is the fans. Very loyal fans. Phenomenal fans. That is one thing i will miss if this transaction happens.”

“I have a lot of respect for my coach [Dennis Allen] but it was weird when he said ‘We don’t have any quarterback in the building’ for the future” Pryor talked about his head coaches words this off-season. “That’s all I really had to hear. It’s hard. It’s a tough decision to leave Raider Nation, but at the same time you have to look out for yourself.”

“I respect him as a coach, a man, and he’s a great leader. It’s unfortunate, you know, that I can’t play with the teammates I had last year and the organization.”

Pryor didn’t specify where he might play but he does believe that he could fit in and start for a team right now in the NFL.

Listen to the full interview with Nick & Lopez:

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