And then there were two…

32 “Man Movies” entered (although I’m fairly certain many women were fond of these films, as well), and two remain, as we’ve reached the finals of the Man Movie Madness bracket on

It’s been quite the whirlwind arriving here, and hopefully Andy Dufresne and Red still have their legs so they can overcome the gang from the Delta House as The Shawshank Redemption (my pre-bracket selection to win the whole thing) takes on Animal House in the finals.

For the record, Vegas has set the line at Shawshank -175, Animal House +150.

We will see who wins, I’ve already gone into the voting both (the requisite three times) and weighed in with my opinion. (By the way, how awesome would the presidential election be if we could vote multiple times like internet polls? How shady would that get?)

It’s been a fun five days, but as we head toward crowning a winner on Monday, just a few gripes that I have with the bracket (which I’ve expressed on the air and internally in the CBS Radio building) and I’ll go region by region:


Biggest omission: Football movies in general. Remember The Titans as an 8 seed is the only football movie to get into the field. That’s a poor job by all of us here at 610 who nominated the entrants. The Program, Any Given Sunday, The Longest Yard (Reynolds edition), hell, even Jerry Maguire or The Replacements (guilty pleasure!) should have gotten a look.

Caddyshack: Caddyshack is not a sports movie, or I should say it is not a sports movie nearly as much as it is a comedy. The sports were a backdrop to the one liners, drug references, and Lacey Underall’s boobs….COMEDY.

RockyI’m happy Rocky made the Final Four, but I think it was propped up by people just taking the Rocky saga, picking their favorite one, and using that as their entrant. So it’s almost like Rocky got multiple mulligans, like some kid entering six cars in the Pinewood Derby.


Biggest omission: Eddie Murphy in any fashion. Seriously, how does a bracket of the top eight comedies EVER not include arguably the funniest comedic actor EVER? Trading Places, 48 Hours, Beverly Hills Cop, Coming To America??? Do these not ring a bell, fellow 610 employees??

Office Space: Overraaaated….clap clap clapclapclap…..overraaated….clap clap clapclapclap….yeah, I said it.


Biggest omission: I’m going to put this one here, but there’s a bigger issue with this film that gets underscored in a second…Pulp Fiction. Pulp Fiction needs to be on this bracket somewhere, but where do you put it? Is it a drama? Because while it has some dramatic scenes, there’s no overarching storyline that pays off formulaically like a typical drama. So is it a dark comedy? I think Pulp Fiction‘s lack of a real label hampered it in this deal. Next time, it should just get a bye to the Final Four in its own category — “Dark, Violent, Quasi-mob Artsy Comedies With Disturbing Rape Scenes”.

Mob movies whacked: Ok, I’m fine with Braveheart beating The Departed, but Forrest Gump beating The Godfather, and Saving Private Ryan beating Goodfellas? What the hell is wrong with you people? What is it with your Tom Hanks fetish? I can’t even look at all of you, I’m so disgusted.


Biggest omission: I’m not a huge action movie guy, but I like the Ironman movies. I would have liked to have seen Robert Downey on here somewhere, but whatever. No big deal.

Star Wars: If you’re entering any of the Star Wars franchise, you enter Empire Strikes BackStar Wars dorks everywhere know this, it’s the best of the franchise, and the blueprint for all cliffhanger, transitional movies in a multi film sequence. End of story. May the Force be with you.

So there you go. May Shawskank Redemption the best movie win!


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