Houston, Texas (CBS HOUSTON) — Houston police arrested a Transportation Security Administration officer, who is now facing a felony “terroristic threat” charge from alleged comments he made to coworkers at Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Long-time TSA employee Jeno Mouton allegedly told his TSA supervisor that “he would rather vent than to come back and shoot up the place,” according to an affidavit first reported by KHOU-TV. The alleged comments were made while he was on-duty Jan. 25 in the Terminal C security checkpoint. His supervisor told police that she spoke with Mouton after the incident and he refused to withdraw the threatening statement.

The supervisor reported the comments to human resources, who immediately warned Mouton not to return to Bush Intercontinental Airport and all other TSA offices and facilities, KHOU reports from the affidavit.

However, on Jan. 29, Mouton returned to the Bush Airport terminal in plain clothes, according to a TSA employee. Mouton’s supervisors viewed him as a threat because of the warning for him to stay away from all TSA offices, and they noted he has a concealed handgun license in the state of Texas.

Mouton is facing a felony terroristic threat charge, and has been jailed on $5,000 bond before court on March 7th.

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