One thing Nick Wright has done consistently well this year is lose bets to the House, which, of course, is me.
Altogether, Nick has had less than a handful of winning weeks since late-August. He’s been down, horribly down at times, all year long.
Here are the Prop Bets he made with me today, including on the coin toss. If it comes up Heads, he will be down again even before kickoff.
Percy Harvin to win MVP. $20 at 25-1 to win $500
Russell Wilson to win MVP. $50 at 4-1 to win $200
Russell Wilson OVER 209.5 passing yards. $110 to win $100
Peyton Manning UNDER 290.5 yards passing. $110 to win $100
0 receptions for Wes Welker. $10 at 25-1 to win $250
Who will throw the first pick? Peyton Manning. $55 to win $50
First TD in the game will be scored by Marshawn Lynch. $20 at 5.5-1 to win $110
First points of the game will be a field goal. $50 at 1.6-1 to win $80
Shortest TD of the game will be LONGER than 1.5 yards. $55 to win $50
Both teams make a FG of at least 33 yards. $150 at 1.2-1 to win $180
NO missed extra point. $180 at 1-18 to win $10
UNDER 2:25 for National Anthem. $55 to win $50
Will Buck or Aikman say “marijuana” during the game? NO. $700 at 1-7 to win $100
Will Richard Sherman get called for a DPI? YES. $20 at 1.5-1 to win $30
Seattle will win by more than 10 points. $75 at 6-1 to win $450
Higher TV rating in Seattle than in Denver. $20 to win $20
Victor Oladipo with MORE rebounds than Golden Tate receptions. $20 to win $20
Tails on the coin flip. $110 to win $100

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