By: BRIEN STRAW - SportsRadio 610By Leslie T Travis

Most think the outcome of Super Bowl 48 will come down to how well Peyton Manning manages the cold weather, or if Marshawn Lynch can go “beast mode” against the Broncos defense. Still other point to the Richard Sherman versus Demarius Thomas match-up. But in an interview last night with former NFL QB Jim Miller [who know covers the league for Sirius/XM, he talked about a match-up that hasn’t gotten much attention – yet after hearing his comments – I’m convinced will determine the outcome of the game.

Miller boldly, yet casually said Broncos TE Julius Thomas will be a total non-factor on Sunday. Truthfully, I was shocked when I heard him say that. Thomas had 66 receptions for 793 yards and 12 TD’s this season. During the playoffs, his production has been steady – 14 catches for 161 yards – and key in both Bronco victories that got them to New York [or should I say New Jersey – a state that seems very disturbed by all the attention going to the Empire state].

Why is Miller so confident? Because of the play of Seattle strong safety Kam Chancellor.

In two games against one of the best tight ends in the game – Saints TE Jimmy Graham, Chancellor held Graham to three receptions for 42 yards in a 34-7 Seahawk victory in the regular season. In their playoff match-up, Graham had one catch for eight yards.  In the NFC Title game against San Francisco, Chancellor held Vernon Davis to a pair of meaningless catches for 16 yards. Miller see’s Kam being equally effective against the Broncos Julius Thomas. And so do I, and that will make a huge impact on who wins Sunday.  If Seattle is capable of turning one of Peyton Manning’s assets into a liability [at least as a match-up], that may be enough to tip the balance in the Seahawks favor.

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