Romanowski: Seattle Needs To Put Someone On A Stretcher To Win

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(Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

(Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

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Houston (CBS Houston) – Notorious NFL bad boy Bill Romanowski is no stranger to controversy. So as you might expect, what he told MaD radio on Monday doesn’t exact fit with the NFL’s renewed focus on player safety.

“I think Seattle has to lay someone out in this game,” Romanowski said on SportsRadio 610. “I think they need to bring that cart out, or that stretcher.”

Romanowski based his logic off of watching the NFC championship game, where he thought Navorro Bowman’s injury had an emotional effect on the 49ers. An effect the Seahawks could potentially use against Denver.

“When those kind of bad things happen to your team and you’re wheeling a guy on a cart, there’s a certain energy that a team takes on and it hits you.” Romanowski said.

It makes sense. Watching a teammate go down with a devastating injury could certainly hurt a team’s chance of winning. However, advocating for a major injury may be a step too far.

“I think if (the Seahawks) are able to make one of those big monster hits against a Demaryius Thomas, a Julius Thomas, a Decker, a Welker – that could potentially swing the outcome of the game and if they do that, then Seattle will win.” Romanowski said.

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