Does Home Field Matter: Divisional Round Edition

By: Adam Spolane - SportsRadio 610
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Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Adam Spolane
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Last week, we looked at whether or not home field advantage matters in the Wild Card Round (home teams lost three of four), lets examine the importance of home field in divisional round, as the top two teams in each conference enter the fray.

This is the 24th season that the NFL has had the two bye in each conference format. Teams that have home field in the divisional round are 68-24, which means that on average home teams go 3-1, which is what happened last season.

In the last 7 years, home teams are just 18-14, so the first 15 years of this format the home teams were winning at an 83% clip.

All 4 home teams have won 6 times, and 2 road teams have won 4 times, all 4 have happened in the last 8 years. 5 years ago was the first time that more than 2 home teams have ever lost during one weekend in this round. Here it is broken down further:

#1 Seed AFC- 13-10

#2 Seed AFC- 17-6

#1 Seed NFC- 19-4

#2 Seed NFC- 19-4

3 of the 10 teams that have lost as the #1 seed in the AFC were coached by Marty Schottenheimer.

AFC # 1 seeds that played on Saturday went 9-4, they went 4-6 on Sunday.

Home teams are 37-9 (.804) on Saturday, 31-15 on Sunday (.674)

NFC home teams are 38-8 and the AFC home teams are 31-15

Peyton Manning has played in 8 divisonal playoff games. In those 8 games the home team is 3-5. He is 1-4 at home, and 2-1 on the road.



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