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Shoplifter Causes Deadly Car Accident

HOUSTON (CBS Houston) – A shoplifter fleeing a Pasadena Walmart ran a red light, killing a 50-year-old woman and injuring a teen girl, reports the Houston Chronicle.

A security guard tried to stop the woman after she left the store with about $50 worth of unpaid merchandise, including a Hello Kitty purse, say police.

The woman pushed the guard to the ground and got in a pickup truck, sped away and crashed into the other vehicle which had entered the intersection.

The driver, Anita Benton, was killed instantly. Her daughter was taken to a nearby hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The suspect was also hospitalized and will face criminal charges.

“It’s senseless for a mother to lose her life over less than $50 worth of merchandise for shoplifting,” says Pasadena police spokesman Vance Mitchell. “It’s a very tragic incident.”

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