SAN FRANCISCO (CBS Houston) – Not only is ‘Duck Dynasty’ popular with TV viewers, it seems to be very popular among new parents.

The A&E reality show follows the Robertson family of West Monroe, Louisiana, self-made millionaires who sell supplies to duck hunters, especially their specially made duck call named the Duck Commander.

The heavily bearded men have become unlikely TV stars, their 4th season premiere was the most watched non-fiction program on cable television.

Baby Center reports family patriarch Phil’s name soared 32 percent, or 860 spots, on its list of most popular boys’ names.  boys’ list.

Silas has grown more popular, too, thanks to Uncle Si, whose trademark “Hey” has become a new catchphrase.

Korie, the name of Phil’s daughter-in-law, jumped an amazing 89 percent, or 13,262 spots, on the list of girls’ names.

The HBO series “Girls” has had an impact namewise… the name of character Marnie jumped 62 percent, or 3,286 spots, and the name of series creator and star Lena Dunham rose 26 percent on the list.

Britain’s newest prince is making his mark in America.

BabyCenter says the name George climbed 10 percent for boys…and 37 percent for girls.

The name Kanye has 38 percent, or 2,228 spots. The name Kanye West’s daughter with Kim Kardashian, North, did not show a big increase in the survey but her nickname, “Nori” did.

While “Breaking Bad” was the year’s biggest television program, no one is rushing to name their child after lead character Walter White.

Walter fell 12 percent, or 55 spots and most other character names on the show dropped on the list.

Two names on the show did see significant jumps, however. Mike and Marie rose 20 and 21 percent, respectively.

Jackson, Aiden and Liam topped BabyCenter’s list of the top 100 baby names for boys while Sophia, Emma and Olivia were the most popular girls names.

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