By: BRIEN STRAW - SportsRadio 610By Leslie T Travis
Photo By: SCOTT HALLERAN/Getty Images

Photo By: SCOTT HALLERAN/Getty Images


You can almost feel the electricity that will permeate Kyle Field when it welcomes a “12th Man” 102,000 strong. The goal is for the $450-million dollar renovation to be ready for the 2015 season.

If the first two years of the Kevin Sumlin era are any indication, there could be a trip to Atlanta – for the SEC Title, perhaps a trip to Dallas or Miami for one of the College Football Playoff semi-final games that same season. (The Title Game venue has not been determined.) Continue on the path Sumlin has started and A&M could be a title contender in two years.

The magic on the field has been shocking. Even the most loyal 12th man wasn’t predicting the Aggies would enter SEC play going 10-6, at least not after going 37-44 [8th], and just 20-21 at Kyle Field in the final decade of Big 12 play. But thanks to Johnny Football, A&M has been exciting, must-watch, and usually very successful football for Sumlin’s brief tenure.

What bodes extremely well for the future is the recruiting success. As even Mack Brown – at least he used to be able to – would tell you, recruiting is the life-blood to a championship caliber football program. According to A&M is on track to land the top class, when you base rankings on average star rating of prospect. Sumlin’s first “full” class – in which he had a full year in College Station to recruit – he finished eleventh. And even his first signing class, with only December & January before signing day, A&M finished 16th.

However, there is a dark side to be concerned with in Aggie-Land. Just how long will Camelot last?

The recruiting better be as good as advertised, because the team is set to lose it’s generational quarterback, it’s top running back, all world wide receiver, not to mention arguably the best tackle in college football. How will that offense look without Manziel, Evans, Molena, and Mathews? And despite his knew six year contract extension, how long do you trust Kevin Sumlin will be there?

If you are to believe the story via Ryan Phillips of Rumors & Rants, it’s not that Sumlin wasn’t willing to take the USC job, he just wasn’t willing to interview for it. The blog also appears to confirm another long-held belief, his ultimate goal is the NFL. Let’s face it, this is a weak draft class the Texans are entering as they look for the replacement for Gary Kubiak. While Kevin might not be ready this offseason, if  Sumlin can keep the offense rolling with pinball like scoring, using a quarterback he recruited, the NFL offer won’t be too far off. Another successful season like that in College Station and he won’t have to interview for jobs in LA anymore either.

And when it comes to replacing both Manziel and Sumlin, to assume that remaining in the top-third of teams in the SEC is a given, think again. See: Auburn without Cam Newton, Tennessee after Phil Fulmer, Florida without – dare I say it – Tim Tebow. Yep, the fall can be hard for many an elite SEC team. But don’t worry too much, that problems just a David Klingler from being fixed. Consider him your Gus Malzahn response.

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