By Ted Johnson

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Ted Johnson won three Super Bowls with the New England Patriots and every week he’ll give us his takeaways from the week that was. Now you can hear him on the “Fred & Ted Show” on SportsRadio 610]

Ted’s Takeaways: Week 12:

1. Don’t fire Coach Kubiak before the end of the season:

With 5 games left in the season I don’t see the point in firing him. Do we really think there is another coach on this team that will inspire this team to victory? I’m not so sure…

2. Case Keenum was a nice little distraction:

When things are this bad you look for anything to hold out hope for. Case gave us something to talk about for a while but it’s pretty clear he’s not the long term answer at QB for this team.

3. When was it the beginning of the end for this team?

I think it was almost a year ago when the Texans played the Patriots (btw…this weeks opponent) that they were exposed for being a flawed team. They never quite recovered from that embarrassing loss to the Patriots in Foxboro last year.

4. Time to call on a friend:

I have to assume now coaches are calling other coaches to see about potential job openings this offseason. Between meetings and practices coaches are using their time to inquire about jobs on other staffs. At least coaches in the NFL have guaranteed contracts.

5. Garrett Graham (and others) don’t care:

They don’t care about the Texans getting a high draft pick next season. He was asked about it after the game and he said as much. Garrett’s contract is up after this season so his perspective is different than say Arian Foster who has a few more years left on his contract. If Garrett thought he was going to be apart of this organization for the long term he would absolutely care about the Texans having a high draft pick. Don’t forget…..player’s ultimately are hired mercenaries who play for whoever is willing to pay.

6. “Time out Tennessee”

Right before halftime the head umpire misspoke and said Tennessee, not that the Texans, called a time out. It’s pretty bad when the refs forget who you are. Nobody knew if they should boo or chuckle.

7. Nobody is afraid of Jonathan Joseph anymore:

I realize JJo has the the toughest coverage match-up every week but QB’s go to his side a lot. He was covering Cecil Shorts who had 8 catches for 71 yards. I feel like he is struggling internally to get his confidence back from the 2011 season.

8. Will somebody make a play?

Guys like Jared Crick/Brooks Reed/Whitney Mercilus/DJ Swearenger/DeAndre Hopkins/Devier Posey/Brian Brahman/Keyshawn Martin (as a WR) and Shilo Keo haven’t made any impact plays in what seams like forever.



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