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Ohio State v Michigan State

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Like most bullies, standard operating procedure is to pick on those he knows to be inferior until somebody with either the courage or skill or both stands up to him. At that point a bully typically runs in search of his next easy victim.

This pattern of behavior defines Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer to a tee.  Meyer is looking to bully those in charge of the BCS Title game – and the College Football Playoff – which replaces the BCS next year.

Why is Meyer throwing his weight around? Because after two seasons of insignificant wins at Ohio State – though undefeated again – the Buckeyes are on the outside looking in for a spot in the title game. Last year Ohio State was denied the opportunity for post-season play by the NCAA for violations that occurred during the Jim Tressel years.  This season, the Buckeyes are eligible to play in the BCS Title game, they’re just not good enough.  Instead of directing his rage at the BCS, Meyer should look in the mirror, but bullies never do that.

If Urban Meyer wanted to play for titles he had two simple choices:

  1. Toughen up his Ohio State schedule. The Buckeyes non-conference schedule this year; Buffalo, San Diego State, Cal, and FCS (aka Div. 1-AA) Florida A&M. His Big 10 schedule is equally weak. The only ranked teams Ohio State has beaten in Big 10 play are a 31-24 win over Wisconsin (ranked 23rd at the time – 19th in the current BCS standings) and a 40-30 win over Northwestern (ranked 16th at the time, the Wildcats haven’t won since beating Maine on Sept. 21 and are neither ranked nor bowl eligible today).  Even in 2012, they played only two ranked teams – 20th ranked Michigan State (which finished 7-6 and out of the polls), and 21st ranked Nebraska (the Huskers finished 10-4 and 25th in the final AP poll).
  2. Meyer’s other choice was to remain at Florida and in the SEC – where the last seven BCS title teams reside. But when the bully was bullied, he found a way to make himself a victim and ran away. When the Gators – thanks to Tim Tebow – we’re running through the SEC with ease on the way to a pair of BCS titles, Meyer bullied his fan base, and local media with regularity. Then Nick Saban took over at Alabama, and after one loss to the Gators, the Tide won three straight by a combined score of 101-29. The bully was bullied. Meyer spent one more mediocre year in Gainesville going 8-5, losing to the four ranked teams he faced by a combined 131-56.  Like the Abominable Snowman holding his just removed teeth, Meyer starred at a fading program and 25 player arrests in six season, and ran for retirement.

After bonding with his family that had already left the nest, and apparently soaking in the healing waters of Lake Okeechobee, suddenly the health issues – which were his excuse for “retiring” from Florida – were suddenly all healed-up and he was ready to start bullying again.

What better place to pick on the less fortunate than a heritage program like Ohio State. Meyer’s plan seemed perfect. Beat-up on a weakened Big 10 and schedule some non-conference tomato cans and waltz into the BCS Title game with significantly less effort than was required in the SEC.

What Meyer didn’t foresee is that pollsters, media and fans were smart enough to see through this paper lion – just as they were when Boise State cried foul years earlier.

In a system where human observation plays a large role in determining who’s the best, your schedule matters. Meyer knew this – that’s why he left Utah for Florida.

No surprise the Buckeye Nation has Urban’s back – bullies usually surround themselves with blinded or scared followers. But for the rest of the college football loving world, we see a petulant jerk poorly attempting to portray himself as a victim, and not the bully we’ve long known him to be.

The only thing Urban Meyer is a victim of, is his arrogant, “holier than thou” attitude coming home to roost.


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