By Seth Payne

(Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Seth Payne can be heard with Mike Meltser weekdays from 10a-2p on Sports Radio 610’s MaD Radio.  He also played 10 years in the NFL after being a 3x All-Ivy League player at Cornell.]

I learned that despite its widespread abandonment, the wildcat is still an extremely effective package when used properly, which is to say when used against the Texans.

When Mike Meltser asked Gary Kubiak why the Texans outside linebackers haven’t been getting to the quarterback, I learned that I’m not happy when the loss of Brian Cushing is used as an excuse.

“I think losing Brian (Cushing), with some of the things Wade does with his interior pressures and stuff frees guys up outside to get a lot more one-on-ones. I would say that losing Brian and some of the things we’ve done have been a factor.” Gary Kubiak

A player like Cushing makes other players better, but his absence shouldn’t turn them into non-factors.

I learned at the end of the Patriots/Panthers game that if you start your interference early enough on the last play of the game, a large portion of football fans will nod their heads in agreement when the officials decide that there is no foul because the ball is uncatchable, even though the reason its uncatchable is that the interference was so bad. So interference is interference, but really bad interference is no interference at all.

I learned from a photo on that one of the team physicians, Dr. James Muntz, is in the booth with Kubiak during the game, presumably in case of emergency. Hopefully they’ll enlist him to help determine which plays are reviewable, because a doctor has got to be better than whoever they have doing it now.


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