[Editor’s Note: Rich Lord runs the sidelines for our broadcasts of Houston Texans games on Sports Radio 610. The first day after every Texans game he’ll bring you his five biggest things he saw from the field. Catch Rich on the J&R Show from 2p-6p Monday – Friday on Sports Radio 610.]

1.) The heated confrontation between Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson at the end of the game that led to Johnson storming to the locker room before the game had ended is something I never thought I’d see. Unprecedented. I guess when a would-be Super Bowl contender loses 8 in a row, this is what happens. Johnson is so highly-regarded in this city, that no one has criticized him for an early departure that would have been characterized as, “quitting on his team” had someone like Randy Moss or Terrell Owens been involved.

2.) Regardless of who the Texans put on the field, the same costly mistakes keep happening. This reflects directly on the coaching. This time, it was a Garrett Graham fumble and a Case Keenum interception that put the Texans in an early 14-point hole. They never climbed out.

3.) I was stunned to see Matt Schaub warm up in the third quarter. I was blown away when he actually entered the game. I’m convinced that his time has come and gone, but apparently Gary Kubiak is not. There may be legitimate football reasons behind why Keenum was yanked, but I think it’s time to start thinking about the future instead of what might give you the best chance to “rise” to 3-7.

4.) When a 2-7 team is down by 4 midway through the third quarter at home versus a 3-6 opponent and that 2-7 team is struggling offensively…….YOU DON’T PUNT ON 4TH & 2 AT MIDFIELD!! AAAAAARRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!! What is the point in playing it safe? They have nothing left to lose! Go for it. Please. Go for it.

5.) Gary Kubiak called it, “worn down” when describing the on-field demeanor of his team on Sunday. He said they looked, “tired.” These are nice ways of saying that the Texans, like their fans and the media covering this team, have quit on this season. There’s no shame in that. It doesn’t make them actual quitters. It makes them human. They are still playing hard and trying to win. They are also resigned to their fate and it shows.



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