(Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

(Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

Almost eight years into his tenure as the head coach of the Houston Texans, Gary Kubiak, who’s been an average head coach during his time in Houston, sealed his fate Sunday with 2:26 left to play in the third quarter.

It was at that point in the ball game, his team trailing a mediocre Raiders squad 28-17, that Kubiak did the unthinkable and inserted his on-field persona and BQBF – best quarterback forever – into the ballgame to a smattering of boos from the Texans faithful.  Perhaps the only thing more asinine than putting Schaub into the football game was Kubiak’s reason for doing so.

“We had to make some changes from a protection front based on some of the things they were doing,” said Kubiak at his postgame press conference, “(we were) trying to create some tempo doing that, and it made it very tough on Case in my opinion being a young player, and I knew Matt could get done some of the things I wanted done real fast and to give us a chance to win the football game.”

So let’s get this straight, your younger, mobile quarterback is having problems with the tempo, his offensive line is doing nothing to help him out, for the fourth game in a row he has no semblance of a running game to help him, yet it makes sense – after calling only six passing plays for Keenum in the second half – to go with the laboring, immobile, weak-armed older quarterback who failed to provide a spark to the offense for weeks – to increase the tempo.

That reasoning alone is enough to get someone fired.

I’ve given Kubiak the benefit of the doubt all season long. I’d heard from too many guys that had played for him what a great offensive mind he is, how well he deals with players and how guys want to play for him.

Scratch me from that list after Sunday.

I’m still trying to wrap my brain around what the real reason was for why he replaced Keenum.

The season is lost. Everyone knows that at this point. This team has lost the benefit of being a team that should win this game or that game, not anymore. After eight straight losses, this is a team that has been outplayed and outcoached, and after the Raiders game, out-GM’d too considering their aging safety, Charles Woodson, is still playing at a high level for $1.8M while the Texans aging safety, Ed Reed, is still owed some $5M and is now getting burned as a member of the Jets.

The offensive line is a disaster, the running back situation is a joke, Andre Johnson won’t admit he wants out, and the defense is a carbon copy of the offense – an overhyped unit that has a ‘aww shucks’ style of leadership that never makes changes and everybody in the NFL not named the Texans knows it.

What’s next then?

This whole regime has to go. Everybody. The coaches, the GM, the whole group.

I don’t know who really makes the personnel decisions, and at this point, who cares. Rick Smith gives out extensions like he’s playing with Monopoly money and Kubiak and Company have created a culture of ‘don’t worry guys, we’ll get ‘em next time.’

That doesn’t work in the NFL.

This is Texas, right? I’m not from here, but I always thought that Texans didn’t take crap from anybody, were proud of where they’re from and displayed a level of toughness that was different from anywhere else, why? Because it’s Texas.

Bob McNair has the opposite of that right now. He might as well have a bunch of hippies singing Give Peace a Chance in the locker room because that element he was looking for in the offseason, mental toughness? Yeah, this team still doesn’t have it and Gary Kubiak and his minions sure as hell ain’t bringing it.

This is the worst team in the NFL right now and it’s not even close. We all knew the Jaguars would be bad, Tampa has been a mess, and Atlanta is the NFC version of Houston with a better quarterback. But Houston has been a special kind of sorry and now this team has become the bad car accident with people driving by slowly to see what’s happened.

Whether this team wins out – I can’t even type that with a straight face – or loses out – more likely – this team is done and is officially on the clock for one of the top three or four picks in the NFL Draft. I hope Mr. McNair was watching the Chiefs game Sunday night because the only difference between their season last year and the Texans season this year is thankfully nobody has killed their girlfriend or themself. Outside of that, both teams were unmitigated disasters.

However, Clark Hunt went out, cleaned house, got himself a new coach, a no-nonsense GM and after some shrewd roster moves, the Chiefs are 9-1 and primed for the playoffs.

The Texans can be that team in 2014 – but will McNair make it happen…?


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