By BRIEN STRAW - SportsRadio 610By Leslie T Travis

If you were wondering what I was thinking as I watched the Texans drop their 8th straight – in an uninspired effort (and who wouldn’t?), my notes are below.  

Some quick thoughts now that it’s over – if you can convince me there’s ANY reason to retain Gary Kubiak has head coach, then you could truly sell freezers to eskimos. Also, if this team was truly trying to “save Kubiak’s job” as Paul Gallant and Will Grubb reported on Friday, then they failed miserably.


Bad fumble by Graham on what would’ve been a 3rd down conversion (1st drive)

Brice McCain beaten on Raiders 1st TD (Swearinger & McCain don’t handle pick play well)

Poor kick return- sets up offense at 15 on 2nd drive

Duane Brown missed his block on DJ’s failed 3rd down conversion run

Penalty on 1st punt return – sets up Texans 3rd drive inside 5.

Keenum’s 1st INT, pressure & hit as he throws, probably  should’ve thrown the dump off to Tate

Streeter beats McCain for Raiders 2nd TD

2 turnovers = 14 Raider points

Good return [36yd] by Martin sets up Texans at 40

Keenum extends play, to get a 35yd pass play to Graham

Keenum can’t escape sack – takes Texans out of FG range, rusher unblocked

Penalty on Texans 2nd punt return.

34yd pass play to Andre. Quick play, amazing how many 20+ yd plays team has under Keenum in comparison to Schaub.

Stretching the field with the passing game just hasn’t opened up running game.

Unbelievable escape of sack – again extending play, Keenum finds Graham for 42yd TD – blitzed again, completely unblocked, because Raiders were sitting on the rollout (tendency anyone?) The play highlights exactly what Keenum has brought to the Texans offense.

Brandon Harris immediately beaten deep.

Why wasn’t Tarpinian wearing #52 all year (IE cut Dobbins much earlier, like say August)

Good defense by Harris, forces punt

Newton procedure penalty on 1st down. what’s he doing well right now?

2nd procedure penalty on drive (Meyers) – teams killings itself with penalties.

Great pressure on 3rd down forces bad throw – J-jo can’t come up with INT, but it forces 2nd consecutive 3&out

Was anyone blocked on that 3rd down play? Keenum lucky to avoid sack & throw it away

Bad throw on 3rd & 5 into end zone, didn’t really give AJ a chance.  Good throw = TD, have to settle for FG

Bullock hits first 50yder (51) to give Texans 17=14 halftime lead.

Texans defense forces 4 3&outs in first half (+ a 7play 7yd & 4play 37yd drive) two turnovers set up Raiders otherwise they didn’t do much.


Bullock kicks it 9yds deep into end zone, Texans still allow return to 24 (negated by Raiders holding penalty)

Brandon Harris beaten badly – again, by Streeter for 36yd reception.

Harris beaten again by Streeter – McGloin just overthrows him.

McCain beaten by Reece for 21yd 3rd down conversion, keeps TD drive alive

Sharpton beaten for 26yd TD recpt by TE Rivera, Swearinger provides no assistance

Raiders agains sitting/waiting on play-action rollout, no time for Keenum

Nobody open, Keenum sacked/fumbles

NO RUNNNG GAME! O-Line stinks

2 TD’s in 47 second-half possessions.

Bad throw by Keenum – toward Graham almost picked

Jennings 80yd TD run – out of wildcat, runs right through Swearinger – EMBARRASSING!

Not exactly Bo Jackson running over Boz, but reminiscent

Keenum’s day done – don’t understand this move (2:26 in 3rd)

Schaub way wide of AJ on 1st pass attempt

Back to back 3rd down procedure penalties

Crappy pass on 3rd down by Schaub, very Schaub-like – short of end zone, results in Bullock FG

How Schaub didn’t get called for grounding I’ll never know.

Successful running plays for Texans about as common as Sasquatch sightings

3rd & 9 from 12yd line – at least Schaub threw into end zone – of course it was into triple coverage.

Defense does it’s job forcing 3&out after Bullock FG brings Texans within 5.

3 straight poor throws by Schaub, Texans go 3&out

Alright JJ, when you’re in the midst of a 7 (now 8) game losing streak, dial-down the rhetoric and showboating on 2nd sack of game. It’s a team sport in case you weren’t aware – and your team stinks and has no business showboating about anything other than a win.

Braman running into kicker – special teams keeps on being special.

DeAndre Hopkins  1st catch (7yder) comes with 3:20 left)

Good throw & catch between Schaub & AJ for 35yd play

O-line manhandled on 3&1 Tate losses a yard.

Brooks 3rd procedure penalty on 4th&2 from 3yd line – an absolute KILLER! WTF?!! (Which by the way – ARE YOU KIDDING ME SCHAUB, throws short of sticks!)

Schaub pass to AJ broken up on 4th down. game over. Heated exchange with Dre & Matt.

Boy is this fun ‘eh?

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