By Adam Spolane
Photo by Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images

Photo by Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images

There are less than 18 minutes left in the game. You’re trailing 28-17 having scored one offensive touchdown. You have five first downs in 11 drives. You’ve lost seven straight games, and it is very possible that if you don’t turn things around you’re going to get fired. Wouldn’t you be stupid to not change quarterbacks?


This was Gary Kubiak’s choice on Sunday against the Raiders, and after his team’s first three second-half possessions resulted in three straight three and outs with nine total yards gained he pulled Case Keenum in favor of Matt Schaub. The Texans still lost the game, but at least Schaub gave them a chance to win it.


Case Keenum was under center 11 possessions against the Raiders. The Texans ran 40 plays, that is 3.6 plays per drive gaining 191 net yards. Schaub was the quarterback for the team’s final five drives. Houston had nine first downs, running 35 plays gaining 192 net yards. The Texans offense was better with Matt Schaub than it was with Case Keenum, and they had a better chance to win with him.


Isn’t that the point? Isn’t the goal to put yourself in the best position to win a football game? You can say what you want about Matt Schaub, but what has Case Keenum done to be above getting pulled from a game?


Let’s look at what Keenum has done in the 3 plus games he has played in. He had multiple chances to drive the Texans down the field to win the game in Kansas City. He didn’t. The Texans scored three second half points in a loss to the Colts, and managed a late fourth quarter touchdown trailing by 10 in Arizona, and couldn’t get over his own 35 yard line in a last gasp drive. Should we have expected something different against Oakland?


Schaub has had a bad year, but he at least has a track record, including come from behind wins this season against San Diego and Tennessee. Sunday he was three yards away from completing a third comeback.


You can say this game meant nothing, and in the long run it doesn’t, but when you haven’t won in over two months the games carry a little extra meaning. The Texans needed a win on Sunday in the worst way and nothing I saw from Case Keenum made me think he was going to get them there.


After Rashad Jennings’ 80-yard touchdown run made it an 11-point game can you honestly say you thought the Texans could get into position to win that game? They did, and it was aided by a quarterback change.


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