Josh "JR" Reese
By: Mark Kolbe

By: Mark Kolbe

UFC 167 the 20th anniversary of the UFC will take place this Saturday at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada and the pay per view will start at 9pm central. The card will be headlined by a Welterweight championship fight between the UFC’s longest running current champion Georges St Pierre and Johny Hendricks. St Pierre has held the belt for over 2,000 days and has defended his belt since 2008, 8 times. Hendricks is a Welterweight who is on a roll and has 6 straight wins. St Pierre for the 1st time in his career will have to face a fighter in the octagon that not only has the wrestling skills he possess, but also has more power in his hands. St Pierre has had the advantage in almost every area of the fight throughout his career, but in this fight with Hendricks he will face a guy with true one punch power.

St Pierre has mentioned on occasions leading up to the fight that Hendricks will be his most dangerous opponent to date. During so many fights in St Pierre’s career, his opponent has had to worry about him and has had to adapt to his style, but for the 1st time in recent memory St Pierre is preparing to fight Hendricks fight. Leading up to the fight, St Pierre and his team has went all out trying to prepare for Hendricks, including adding a regulation sized octagon ring to his gym and even brought in the only man to defeat Hendricks, Rick Story, as a training partner to help get ready for Hendricks.

This Saturday the two will step in to the octagon and we will learn if finally someone has what it takes to take the belt away from St Pierre. If someone really has the power, skill and heart to do what 11 pervious fighters have not been able to do. Will St Pierre continue his reign as one of the most dominate champions in MMA history or will he be dethroned?


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