OKLAHOMA CITY (CBS Houston) – It was the homosexual demon made me do it, an Oklahoma City man is reported to have told police.

22-year-old Jeremy Jarnell Anderson was arrested after a struggle with responding officers.

Anderson barricaded himself inside his apartment, according to KFOR-TV.

The station says a neighbor called 911 to say someone had kicked a heavy door off its hinges and was covering himself with salt and soap and was “going ballistic.”

When police arrived they saw a man covered in blood and screaming from his porch.

Officers used a tazer to try to subdue Anderson, but he only ripped out the metal prods from his chest.

He threw furniture through the window at officers, yelling that he would “fist fight them.”

One officer said Anderson was “clearly out of touch with reality.”

Police battered down the apartment door with a sledgehammer, and found the walls covered in blood, bleach and other substances.

Anderson also allegedly lit a fire in one corner of the apartment.

Again officers fired tazers, but this time were successful in subduing Anderson.

According to police records, Anderson was taken to a hospital, where he claimed he was high on drugs and was trying to get away from a “possessed homosexual demon.”

He told police the demon wanted drugs and to perform sexual acts with him, and that he lit the fire in order to burn a bible because he was a “satanist.”

Anderson has been booked on first-degree arson and may face other charges in the near future.


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