HOUSTON (CBS Houston) — A Houston strip club has filed a lawsuit against a banker claiming that he ran up a bill more than $320,000 on his company credit card.

In the lawsuit, Privilege says James Jay Beckman of CIT Group Incorporated spent $321,857.72 at the strip club in one month. According to KRIV-TV, Beckman would call the credit card company saying the charges were not his.

“In fact, Mr. Beckman, one year earlier expended substantial sums at the club and then reversed the charges as he is doing now,” the lawsuit states, KRIV reports.

Beckman reportedly went to the strip club 14 times in July and August of this year, spending $25,000 during each visit. Beckman claims the charges are fraudulent.

“If somebody excessively ran his bill, then he has a case. That’s a different story,” legal analyst Joel Androphy told KTRK-TV. “But if these are legitimate charges, and he just doesn’t want to pay it, then he’s going to be severely damaged in his reputation.”

CIT said the company did not know about Beckman allegedly spending hundreds of thousands at the strip club.

“We had no prior knowledge or involvement in Mr. Beckman’s alleged activities,” the company said in a statement to KTRK. “We consider this a personal matter between Mr. Beckman and Houston KP, LLC.”

Privilege claims that Beckman also pulled this off at other strip clubs in Houston. The names of those strip clubs were not given though in the lawsuit.


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