(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Matt Schaub is still your quarterback, Owen Daniels is out indefinitely and the Texans are two games behind the surging Indianapolis Colts in the AFC South.

Yikes. It’s not looking good as a Texan fan right now.

At least we’re not in Atlanta.

In all seriousness, for the fourth consecutive week, the Texans are approaching their fourth must-win game of the season, and this group of players couldn’t be any more frazzled by what’s happened and the way this year has turned on its head so quickly.

We know Matt Schaub has to go, and Head Coach Gary Kubiak said during his press conference Monday afternoon that Schaub would remain the quarterback for now. That sounds like Coach-speak from a guy who really has no earthly idea how he’s ended up in this position heading into week 6. I’m not convinced he’s sold on TJ Yates and Case Keenum has been inactive the entire season.

Now is the time for a bold move, but unfortunately, there’s nothing bold about the Texans. They tried to go bold in the offseason by signing the wrong aging safety with mental toughness – Ed Reed. The ‘surefire Hall of Famer’ looks at times like he’s already been molded into a bust and I’m not sure his impact has been as dramatic as we all hoped heading into the year.

The draft class has been very sketchy. Sure, DeAndre Hopkins has been solid, but he’s been underutilized because of a quarterback who doesn’t look past his first option and checkdown. DJ Swearinger has looked like a second round draft pick, great on some plays, lost on others. Ryan Griffin has been solid and will get even more looks now that OD is out. As for the rest of the class, Gulp.

What happens next..? This team is only 2-3 with 11 games left, and ideally, you’d like to think they can get this thing turned around. Problem is, who has faith in the leadership in this organization to do it? Kubiak has coaching chops, I’ve heard too many of his former players praise his ability. What’s his deal right now? His quarterback has melted down before our very eyes and there is nothing to suggest he’s coming back any time soon. Sure, if Schaub had shown us in the past he was capable of making big-time plays in crunch time, we’d all feel better about #8 getting his mojo back.

That ain’t happening folks.

Instead, a franchise and its fans are stuck with a coach who has ability but doesn’t have the nerve to make the necessary move to get his football team back on track. The obvious move is to start TJ Yates. The bold move is to activate Case Keenum and start this season completely over.

As easy as it is to crush Schaub, I’m over it. He’s an above average NFL Quarterback. There’s no shame in that. But above average QB play gets you a 2-3 start when everyone and their mama had you pegged for at least 3-2 or 4-1 at this point.

The Texans are viewed as a wannabe contender that will never be ready for primetime with their conservative and predictable style of play. Schaub and Kubiak have been the posterboys for this movement. Thing is, Kubiak has also been the posterboy behind Hall of Fame quarterbacks that ran this very same offense to the tune of three super bowls. So while we know Schaub is what he is, there’s still parts of Kubiak we haven’t earnestly seen during his tenure here in H-Town.

This season is no longer about Schaub ladies and gents. It’s about the man on the field calling the shots, Gary Kubiak. Does he have the stones to make a bold move, or will he continue with this madness that had led to the Texans becoming an even bigger joke than the one they pulled on everybody at the end of last season.

He doesn’t owe the fans anything, but he sure as hell owes the rest of the guys in that locker room by putting the best players on the field that give the team the best chance to win. #8 doesn’t do that. #13 might. #7 Does.

Does Kubes have the testicular fortitude to lift this team from the doldrums…? We’ll see.


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