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(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

Houston (CBS Houston) – Editor’s Note: Each week the Texans’ opponent will hold a conference call with the Houston media. Here are the notes from that call.

This week, Seahawks head coach Jim Harbaugh and safety Donte Whitner were made available. Here’s what they had to say:

>>>Just like the Seahawks, the 49ers will run the read option.

“It’s part of our offense. It’s something that is at the disposal of our team to use, like anything, in terms of scheme is. We’re not going to talk about what we’re going to do, but it’s always good to let the opponent know anything’s possible.” Harbaugh said.

>>>Jim Harbaugh is the master of coaches speak. This was his response when asked if he thinks Matt Schaub will be able to bounce back.

“He’s a very good player, very good football team. (They have) a dynamic team on both sides of the ball and a dynamic returner. Very solid on special teams. Very good football team that has played in contested competitive games this year” Harbaugh said.

>>>Safety Donte Whitner is going to change his name to Donte Hitner.

“I thought about it in the offseason. I asked my mom and she said no. It’s forever going to be her son and her little boy, so I have to listen to what she says. After all of these hits and people talking about it, I asked her again three nights ago and she said, ‘You know what? I don’t have a problem with it. Go ahead.’ So I went ahead and did it yesterday.” Whitner said.

>>>When asked, Whitner said Matt Schaub is someone the 49ers defense fears.

“Yes. The reason why is because, he had a couple of mistakes the last couple of weeks, you look at their offense as a whole, he’s the guy that keeps that offense going. He’s the guy that gets the football down the field in the right coverages with Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels.” said Whitner.

>>>Whitner doesn’t buy Richard Sherman’s statement that the Seahawks knew what play the Texans were running when Matt Schaub threw the pick six.

“I don’t think they’re predictable because, if you look at the first half, they pretty much did what they wanted to do on Seattle’ defense. When I looked at the game, I think they had over 250 yards in the first half or something like that. I believe that Seattle said what they said because they won the football game, but Houston’s offense pretty much did what they wanted to do running and throwing the football, so I don’t agree with that.”

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