Seattle Seahawks v Houston Texans

Thomas B. Shea /Getty Images

[EDITOR’S NOTE: After the Texans lost to the Seahawks on Sunday we received another letter from the ‘Mad Texan Fan’, Zach. Again, we did not edit this letter in any way. If you want to read Zach’s original “A Mad Texan Fan” it can be found here.]

A Mad Texan Fan: Part II

Another week, another letdown. The question is how long are we going to put up with this. My first letter was written out of pure rage and frustration, but this, this is just written out of exhaustion. I’m tired of being disappointed. I’m tired of being told the urgency in locker room is incredible. Tired of looking at remarkable talent being wasted. It’s not that Schaub is a horrible player. He’s just not a leader. He’s not the quarterback defenses lose sleep over. He doesn’t make others around him better and most of all he can’t get the job done.

We had the ideal season last year heading into the last quarter of the season. Our only task was to win one more game and obtain home field advantage throughout the playoffs. There’s no telling what we would have done to either the Patriots or Ravens on our home turf. However, we became content. We were so happy with 12 wins that we commenced to play Kubiak’s conservative ball and ended up getting manhandled in New England. The sad thing is, we haven’t learned from it.

For instance, against the Seahawks we led 20-3 at half. I’m sure some of you couldn’t wait to stick your finger in my face and say I was wrong. But the one thing Schaub and Kubiak don’t understand is that there are two halves in football. We can only seem to play one. People love saying he’s the best quarterback on the roster. But how can we know if the other guys don’t get an opportunity? Who knew Kaepernick would take the 49ers to the Super Bowl? Who knew the Seahawks would be the Super Bowl favorites with a second year starter as their quarterback. It’s just amazing how quickly the attitude and expectations of a team can change with simple adjustments at the coach and QB positions. Look at the Chiefs, Dolphins, and even the Bills. It’s a shame that while I type this and am watching other games, I see Trindon Holliday returning another kick for a touchdown. We have too much talent that we aren’t utilizing and as other players leave us, they go to other teams and perform unbelievably. Kubiak and Schaub are completely pathetic and it’s heartbreaking to see such a wonderful, yet delusional fan base be disappointed year after year.



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