By JULIE TAKAHASHI, SportsRadio 610

Houston (CBS Houston)– Houston Texans running back Arian Foster commented Thursday on the All Players United campaign’s protest against the NCAA on Saturday.

“A couple of people mentioned it to me,” Foster said. “I thought that was an awesome gesture on their part.”

Foster has become the recent face of NFL players who believe that NCAA athletes should be compensated for their play on the field. In a documentary titled “Schooled: The Price of College Sports,” showed  Foster in a four-hour interview admit he had  financial stress while playing at the University of Tennessee. (See Video Above)

To continue the united front, players at Georgia and Georgia Tech wore “APU” on their wrist tape Saturday which gained national coverage. “APU” stands for “All Players United” in protest of the NCAA’s treatment of its athletes. Even Northwestern quarterback Kain Colter, who is one of the leaders of the NCPA players’ council, help develop APU and created on Twitter #APU, #AllPlayersUnited.

“I feel like, they don’t really understand or fully grasp like the power that they hold in their hands,” Foster said Thursday. “If they all decided not to play on Saturday it would be a pretty powerful statement.”

According to the News and Observer, Foster’s ex-offensive coordinator at Tennessee David Cutcliffe said on Tuesday that Foster’s documentary, “may have been as weak of interview as I’ve heard.”

Cutcliffe who is the current head coach at Duke continued saying, “Arian never looked hungry. Yes, (scholarship) pays for food and rent. On gameday, when you go back to your dorm, you usually got $15 in meal money, and you could buy, I don’t know, 10 tacos maybe.”

Between the “APU” protest, the denials and ‘taco’ rebuttals this story is not going away anytime soon. And it shouldn’t.

“If things like that start to just show their head, it will really get people to talking about it, ” Foster said. “And that was my whole intention behind it anyway, to get people talking about it. And they are. ”

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