As Heard On MaD Radio
(credit: Getty Images)

(credit: Getty Images)

The Rocket, Roger Clemens, joins MaD Radio to talk about his career, Mariano Rivera, how he is helping to get the Astros back to the World Series, PEDs, Ryan Braun, and the media.

“I think the testings fine,” Clemens said of Major League Baseball’s drug policy.  He went on to elaborate on why steroids aren’t making everyone hit the ball farther.  “It doesn’t make you a better player.  It doesn’t make you hit the ball. You’ve got to have talent to hit the baseball number one.”

“When we faced guys, 80’s 90’s, no one cared then of course, that were monsters at the plate and nobody cared, you didn’t worry about that.  You were pitching them in anyway to crowd them.  You didn’t want the big guys to get extended and the smaller guys that contact guys you wanted to try to get them in there and out of there as quick as possible so your pitch count didn’t get up.  You didn’t get up there and said oh my gosh” you are worried about this guy hitting it.  If that was the case these WWE guys or the big muscle guys who ever they are would be up there trying to hit the ball 500 ft.”

Clemens wouldn’t talk about what he thought personally of the Biogenesis case that saw many Major Leaguers suspended, including Astros outfielder Fernando Martinez.

“Any of that stuff, whatever it is, is going to hurt you better than help you,” Clemens said of using PEDs.  “I think you look good in the lobby for a couple months and then you break down.  I don’t think it helps you one bit.”

The once lock for the Hall of Fame pitcher has seen his public image burned because of links to performance enhancing drugs and reportedly lying about the use of PEDs was up for his first ballot into the Hall of Fame this year, but only came away with a little more than 39% of the vote.  Seventy-five percent or more is needed to be elected.

Clemens doesn’t care if he makes it into Cooperstown or not.  “I would perfectly fine with it,” Clemens told MaD Radio his feelings if he didn’t get elected. “I have no control over it.”

In his spare time the Rocket has been working on the written word.  Having a piece that he says will be in the Sunday edition of the Houston Chronicle on Mariano Rivera and a book in the future.

“I’m not going to be too harsh,” Clemens said of the contents of his upcoming book.  “I am going to cut some people off at the knees, where I’ve had to bite my lip (in the past).”

No word on when the book will come out but Clemens also did mention he might let family members weigh in on some of the writing to voice how all the probes into his personal life hurt them.



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