Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images

Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images

[Editor’s Note: We received this note via e-mail from Zach.  We found it compelling and thought we’d share it with you.  We have not edited the letter in any way except to take out Zach’s last name.  Let us and Zach know what you think.]

A Mad Texan Fan

I wouldn’t mind if the Texans were garbage. I wouldn’t mind having another winless season. But the fact that this city, this organization, and this football team are stuck in mediocrity is beyond infuriating. God bless Bob McNair for stepping up and bringing a football team back to this city, but his management decisions are painful. Rick Smith has done an ok job in picking up talent through the draft as well as free agency, however we have not addressed the issue which lies in the focal point of our football team: The coach and quarterback. It appears that everyone in Houston can see our main problem except for those in the organization. It is clear our coach doesn’t trust in the QB and that’s mostly because Matt Schaub is limited mentally and physically. We have two young hungry backups on the bench ready to prove themselves, but Kubiak is too stubborn to make a change. The first year we made the playoffs T.J. Yates took over the team and almost led us to the AFC Championship. The fans commenced to create jerseys with his name on it and buy his T-shirts. They even chanted his name in the stadium. For the first time in decades, there was hope in Houston football. Kubiak gave the kid some rope. Teams knew we would want to run so Kubiak let the kid throw. We pushed the Ravens to the limit and came up short, but the fans were ok with that! We showed relentlessness. We showed heart. We went out giving it our all with the best players on the field and that’s all us fans have asked of our players and coaches. Why would we run away from that? Why would we go back to an immobile, soft quarterback and limit ourselves? Why would we sign him to a 4-year extension? I don’t blame Kubiak. I don’t blame McNair. I don’t blame Schaub. They just lack the knowledge, the drive, and heart to bring a Super Bowl ring to Houston. I blame Andre Johnson. I blame Arian Foster. I blame J.J. Watt. They have more power than they realize. Everyone knows they’re the fan favorites and that the organization revolves around them. They should be the ones complaining about Schaub and Kubiak. Andre has been one of the most loyal, quiet WRs in the game and I appreciate that but that’s not what we need. We need attitude, anger, and passion. He’s taking pay cuts so the team can bring in better players and all we can come up with is Matt Schaub? This scenario, this whole situation is a nightmare that us fans will probably never wake up from. The Texans will always be middle of the pack and it’s absolutely depressing. The fans are living on false hope. We see the light at the end of the tunnel but will never reach it. We have so much talent and it’s all wasted because we haven’t addressed the main issues. You know what I believe us fans should do something about it. Us fans can take the issue in our hands and go on strike. Refuse to buy Texan product. Refuse to go to the games. Refuse to tailgate. This madness has to stop. Enough of the good guys in office. It’s time for a change or else RIP Houston.


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