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Rob Carr/Getty Images

Here at Sports Radio 610 we are always looking to grow as fans of the NFL. We take every week in stride and try to learn more about the game we love. So, each week we present to you ‘What We Learned’, where we tell you the most important things from the last week of games in the NFL.  At least to us.


1. The Texans are a long way from being a contender. Contenders have a great QB play and Great coaching. The Texans have neither.
2. Texans coaches don’t trust Schaub. I don’t blame them. I can blame them for giving huge money to a guy that they don’t trust. Maybe once you could throw it past the sticks on a third and long.
3. There is something wrong with Jonathan Joseph. He doesn’t look right.
4. Ryan Harris and Derek Newton are adequate back ups. They aren’t fantastic but they aren’t the reason you lost the game. They were good enough for you to win.
5. The Defense is still pretty stout. The secondary is hit or miss but the front seven still get after it. They are good enough to keep you in games.
6. I still don’t know why Joe Marchiano is employed.
7. Fun Fact: Matt Schaub has thrown more Touchdowns to opposing players than his own Wide Receivers.
8. Another Fun Fact: The Texans have allowed 85 points. 31 of those have come off TO’s or from Special Teams.
9. Another Another Fun Fact: Matt Schaub kind of looks like a MonStar from Space Jam. The Shawn Bradley one.
10. If you think Baltimore was tough these Seahawks will kill ya.

Ted Johnson

What I learned week 3 in the NFL…

1.  That the Texans might not be as good as we all thought they’d be.  Championship teams find ways to win (like they did in the first two weeks of the season) but they also go on the road and win games they are suppose to win (like they didn’t in Baltimore).

Mike Meltser

What I learned:

  • I’m not sure how much damage Tennessee can do with the inconsistency of Jake Locker, but their defense is substantially improved from last season. With the emergence of guys like Jurrell Casey, Zach Brown, and Derrick Morgan, they’ve strung together three solid football games. Clearly, Gregg Williams was a big addition to the coaching staff. Also watch for the development of rookie WR Justin Hunter, who caught the game-winning TD with 15 seconds left against San Diego.
  • Colts 27, 49ers 7 was by far the most impressive win of the Andrew Luck era. This wasn’t some 4th quarter comeback with magic fairy dust; Indianapolis pounded San Francisco along both lines. I’m not sure if the Colts defense can keep it up, but the team that showed up on Sunday is an AFC contender.
  • The New York media seems to have spent too much time focusing on the issues of the Jets in August. 3 weeks into the season, the Jets are somehow 2-1, while the Giants are 0-3 after getting shellacked by the Panthers 38-zip. The offensive line allowed 7 sacks, which is about all you need to know. They’re in big trouble. Good job by the media being on top of this one.
  • I’m very impressed by Miami falling behind 20-10 and 23-20 to the Falcons, yet finding a way to rally and win that game 27-23. Ryan Tannehill has had a very strong start to the season. Cameron Wake is hurt, but the Dolphins look fairly legit right now.

Seth Payne

I learned that I’ll never join Bryant McKinnie on any form of chartered transportation.

I learned that the phrase “taking what the defense gives us” can be used to describe other forms of incompetence as well.  Kids, if you get a bad grade on a test, explain that you were just taking what the teacher gave you.  Men, if your wife finds out you have gonorrhea, explain that you were just taking what the hooker gave you.  See how easy this is?  (I don’t know if I spelled “gonorrhea” correctly.  I just took what autocorrect gave me)

I learned that giving 4 athletes 50 tacos is an NCAA violation.  I don’t know if there’s a taco threshold for legal taco giving.  Arian didn’t go into details.

Whitney Mercilus is making progress as a pass rusher.  He’s consistently getting hits on quarterbacks.  Now he just needs to get there a little bit quicker.  Just one or two plays where an edge rusher wins quickly and shows up in the QB’s face way ahead of schedule will disrupt his rhythm for the rest of the game.

I don’t know why we need to re-learn this lesson every year, but we need to hold off on making long term forecasts about quarterbacks until they’re in their third year.  Quarterbacks like Colin Kaepernick are not meeting our expectations right now, but they still have plenty of time to learn their sophomore lessons.

Fred Davis

Okay, Fred went a little bizerk with his “What I Learned.”  So much so we had to give it it’s very own post.

Read Fred’s hilarious and quite detailed “What I Learned.”

Rich Lord

In Week 3, I learned that the Texans have a long way to go before anyone, including me who picked them to win the AFC, should consider them a legitimate Super Bowl contender. Does that mean that they can’t get their act together before the playoffs? Absolutely not. I still believe that they have what it takes to contend, but there are glaring problems that need to be resolved. It starts with quarterback Matt Schaub, but includes the play of offensive tackles Derek Newton and Ryan Harris (for now), as well as the defense, which has not generated enough pressure on opposing quarterbacks nor gotten more than one takeaway. Inconsistent field goal kicking, Poor blocking, inaccurate passes, special teams mistakes and a ridiculous rash of penalties are also on the list. The bottom line is that the Texans are very lucky to be 2-1. What no one should forget is the biggest reason why they ARE 2-1: playmakers making plays. Brian Cushing. Andre Johnson. J.J. Watt. Matt Schaub. DeAndre Hopkins. Owen Daniels. Antonio Smith. They all made plays to help the Texans come back against their first 2 opponents.

I also think I’ve learned over the years not to get too worked up about anything that happens in September or even October. Just ask the defending Super Bowl champs. The Ravens came into Reliant Stadium in Week 7 last year in a showdown between the only two 5-1 teams in the AFC. The Texans routed them as soon-to-be Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco was pressured into throwing 2 interceptions, including a pick-6 (sound familiar?), and was sacked 4 times averaging a meager 3.4 yards per attempt. Also in that game, the Ravens suffered a costly personal foul (sound familiar?) when defensive back Christian Thompson took a swing at Justin Forsett. The Texans also made 2 big plays that turned the tide in that game: a pick-six (sound familiar?) from Jonathan Joseph and a sack/safety by Connor Barwin. No Baltimore receiver had a reception of 15 yards or longer (sound familiar? OK, actually Hopkins had one 18-yarder Sunday).

Come on in off the ledge, Texans fans. Yes, your team has not been good through three games. Yes, you should be concerned. Yes, they must play better to reclaim their spot as a legitimate contender. But no, all is not lost. Yet. That could change. But for now, why jump to the conclusion that the Texans will be no better in the future than what we’ve seen so far? Where would the Ravens be if they looked at that 30-point spanking in Houston last October as an indication of what they were capable of? Just some food for thought.



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