By JULIE TAKAHASHI, SportsRadio 610

Houston (CBS Houston) – Former Houston Texan running back Derrick Ward joined MaD Radio to explain his Sunday comments about Texans quarterback Matt Schaub.

During the Texans win against the Tennesseeee Titans Ward took to his twitter Sunday to comment on the Texans as well as Schaub’s performance.

MaD Radio began with asking Ward to give his side about his twitter comments, like this tweet saying: if u wanna win playoff games and a Super Bowl it’s best to start looking for that guy now.

“Matt Schaub is a great quarterback, don’t get me wrong,” Ward said Tuesday afternoon. “He’s a great regular season quarterback. But he hasn’t jumped over the line to get to that elite level.”

Ward spent nine years in the NFL with the Giants, Buccaneers and Texans after being drafted by the Jets in the seventh round of the 2004 Draft. His best seasons of his career were when he won a Super Bowl ring with the Giants in Super Bowl XLII.

Since Ward played with two-time Super Bowl Champ Eli Manning, they asked to compare Matt Schaub and the Giants QB.

“Eli has a sheer will to win,” said Ward. “Not matter what goes wrong you will never see Eli lose his cool. Matt will overthrow a pass and he’ll sulk. Every team wants to make it to the Super Bowl but certain teams have that ‘it’ factor and right now, I don’t think that Matt Schaub is the ‘it’ factor.”

Ward continued, “He’s not in that realm yet, and I don’t think he’ll ever be. I think he’ll just be that quarterback that you can use to put up big numbers in your offense during the regular season but when playoffs come, when the Super Bowl comes, I don’t think he’s the guy to lead the Texans to the next level.”

Ward then discussed the locker-room on both teams and what the Texans team thought of their quarterback.

“He’s a great leader; he’s a great field general,” said retired Ward. “Every single year he has a great year passing the ball but yet when it comes time to really play hard and get to that next level, he just can’t crossover to the next level. It showed last year in December.”

The “last year in December” is in reference to the 2012 season where Houston started 11-1 and then lost three of their final four games. The Texans did have a wild-card win over the Bengals; however, the Patriots ousted them early in the playoffs.

MaD Radio asked if the Texans were to win a Super Bowl WITH Schaub, what would they need to do?

“They put together the pieces that he needs to succeed in the NFL,” said Ward. “You have All-Pro in Andre (Johnson),  All-Pro in Arian (Foster), All-Pro in Owen (Daniels), All-Pro offensive line. So they have the pieces there to make it to the Super Bowl but what Matt Schaub needs to do is play. Don’t worry about the critics, don’t worry about anybody else just worry about himself.  Matt has to know that he’s the main guy on the field.”

Click here to hear more of MaD Radio’s interview with Ward and his candid thoughts on Arian Foster and Ben Tate’s relationship.

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