In today’s culture, nearly everyone consumes some sort of technology in their daily lives. With so much of today’s business world relying on computers, software and the instantaneous aspect of internet communication, it is no surprise that well-qualified professionals with a background in technology or computer science are currently in high demand.

(Photo Courtesy of Dr. Craig Brown)

(Photo Courtesy of Dr. Craig Brown)

Houston’s reputation as an energy capital means that the demand for technology professionals with the right knowledge are needed here more than ever. Dr. Craig Brown talks about his education in technology and how it shaped his path to the board room.

What degree program did you study? 

“I received my undergraduate degree in computer science.”

What does your current position entail?

“It entails both a technology background and a business background. On the technology side, I work in the capacity of Chief Information Officer. On the business side, I work as a senior partner within a partnership corporation as the new business and business equity officer (Chief Executive Officer). Both roles require focus and precision.”

Have you participated in any form of continuing education since beginning this position?

“Yes. I completed my Master in Business and also earned my Doctorate in Management Information Systems, Computer Information Systems and Computer Engineering.”

Do you have any advice for people who would be interested in pursuing a similar career?

“Education on any level will give you an edge within the technology field. If you can get a degree within the technology discipline, that would be ideal (Computer Science, MIS, CIS, Computer Engineering, etc.). ”

“If not, then a degree of any kind will do along with a certification within a focus of your choosing. These will get you in the door. Focus on acquiring skills. The more skills you have, the better your chances are of advancement. Lastly, an advanced degree will send you over the top and you will find that opportunities will land in your lap.”

Gillian Kruse is a freelance writer living in Houston. She graduated from Rice University with a great love for all performing and visual arts. She enjoys writing about arts and cultural events, especially little-known ones, to help Houstonians learn about what’s going on in their city. Her work can be found at


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