Okay, it was high school.  We all did things we hope never make the light of day.  And for most of us, people weren’t running around with video cameras all the time to catch every embarrassing pep rally stunt.  For Pro Bowl wide receiver Wes Welker, that wasn’t quite the case.

A video has surfaced from Welker’s high school in Oklahoma of the star football player lip syncing to Britney Spears in a green skirt sports bra and blond wig.  This was apparently the homecoming rally for Heritage Hall High School in 1999, Welker’s senior season.

E! online is reporting that Welker admitted to the crazy antics in an NFL Total Access Video.

“Gosh, I’d love to say ‘false’ there, but it’s true, I did,” Welker admitted with a smile. “I would say false, but they have me on video. But I’ve already bought them off, so you won’t be seeing that any time soon.”

Sorry Wes, someone ratted you out as News9.com aired the above video of new Bronco’s moves to Spears’ “(You Drive Me) Crazy.”

The question is, does Britney immediately trade for him on her fantasy team?  Does Britney have a fantasy team?  Why would we even care.  We’re sorry.  Just watch the video.  It’s pretty funny.


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