(credit: Thinkstock)

(credit: Thinkstock)

SLAYDEN, Miss. (CBS Houston) – High school students had to change clothing after showing patriotism to remember the 2001 terrorist attacks on America.

According to WREG, part of spirit week at H.W. Byers High School in Slayden, Miss. was dedicated to remember the Sept. 11 attacks.  A few students misunderstood the dress code policy for Patriotic Day.

The tv-station reported sophomore Kelton Stewart was called out of an assembly Wednesday morning and told by the school’s vice-principal “that the shirt was not acceptable and unsatisfactory”.

Stewart’s shirt was predominately red and blue.

“We’re remembering people from September 11th in the Twin Towers,” Stewart explained to WREG. “If you’re going to wear something to do with your country and the colors are red, white and blue, then why are you being told you can’t wear the red, white and blue when you come to school.”

Students were told an American flag could be worn on a predominately white shirt instead of uniforms.

Another student at the school, Clay Earnest, also had difficulties with school staff that day.  For him the colors weren’t the issue, but the writing on the back was too difficult to read.

His shirt said “U.S. Pride” on the back.

Earnest told WREG that students complained saying it looked like gang tattoos or graffiti and he didn’t like being judged by what he was wearing.

“They just jumped straight to the conclusion that you’re in a gang, that you’re trying to be part of a gang or something like that when you know that you’re against those kinds of things,” Earnest explained.

The school principal said no students were suspended or sent home, but five students had to have their parents bring them different clothing.

The superintendent stated that spirit week activities are a time when students are given a break from wearing uniforms and that he will re-think whether to allow students to have casual days in the future.


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