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(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Houston (CBS Houston) – Arian Foster is many things. He’s a football player, philosopher, and writer.

Foster published a Yahoo! column on Wednesday entitled NFL Star Arian Foster: 6 Things I’ll Try to Teach My Daughter. In the column Foster describes the early days of being a father and the challenges he faced.

“I had a little ball of life staring at me. How could I teach her that hard work separates winning from losing when I leisurely procrastinated my way through life? How could I teach her to dream when I didn’t put everything I had into mine? How could I teach her to be a loving kind human spirit when at the time I was so bitter at life (I had just been passed on by every team in all seven rounds of the NFL draft) that my motto was “turn your back on the world and let them stab.” Hypocrites don’t make good superheroes and that’s what parents are supposed to be … superheroes. So I vowed to unlearn what I thought to be truth and completely humble myself to this experience.”

He went on to list 6 things he hoped to teach his daughter, Zeniah, including the value of a dollar and kindness. Foster doesn’t want to be known as just a football player. As his bio shows, he wants to be known for much more than the game he plays.

“Arian Foster is a loving father, devoted husband, philosopher, artist, poet, philanthropist, health warrior, and fashion enthusiast. He also is a three-time Pro Bowl running back for the NFL’s Houston Texans and will star in the upcoming Ivan Reitman film “Draft Day.” He currently lives with his wife, Romina, 4-year-old daughter Zeniah, and 4-month-old son Khyro in Houston. “

Click here for the full column


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