(Photo courtesy of Miriam Gibson)

(Photo courtesy of Miriam Gibson)

With the growth in population that Houston has been experiencing, it is understandable that the city’s healthcare facilities would see an influx in patients. Making sure that children and their families receive high-quality health care is a goal of nurse manager Miriam Gibson at the Texas Children’s Hospital strives for everyday. We sat down to talk with Gibson about her experiences in the growing industry of healthcare.

What degree program did you study?

“I earned an associate degree of applied science in nursing (ADN) in 1998 from San Jacinto College. I earned my bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) from the University of Texas at Arlington.”

What does your current position entail?

“Currently, I am the nurse manager of surgical services for the Texas Children’s Hospital. I am responsible for providing accountability for the clinical, administrative and human resource activity for the operating room. In addition to providing high-quality patient and family centered care; I also provide an atmosphere within the department that allows staff to be developed and trained to provide the same quality care.”

Do you feel your education prepared you for your current role, and if so in what ways?

“Looking back on my 15 years as a registered nurse, I feel that earning my ADN prepared me with the basic nursing knowledge to begin as a practicing clinician. As with most careers you have a starting point, then you expand and build on your knowledge from your experiences. From there you can learn from others to improve your skills and move from being a novice to an expert in your specific field.”

“By earning my BSN, I was able to learn more about theory, research, evidence-based practice, management and working with groups of people to accomplish tasks. The instruction and knowledge I gained from completing my BSN has been invaluable. I’ve used what I have learned to manage my staff and the operating room on a daily basis.”

What would your advice be for people who are interested in pursuing a similar career?

“I would stay open-minded and focused; set your sights on a career path and don’t lose hope or give up. It is not always easy; in fact, it is often very difficult to stay focused and to remember why you chose this career. Stay educated by doing research, reading journals and pursuing higher levels of education. It is important to stay current with what is going on in the profession; learn from others and remember often the best education can be obtained by just observing and listening.”

Gillian Kruse is a freelance writer living in Houston. She graduated from Rice University with a great love for all performing and visual arts. She enjoys writing about arts and cultural events, especially little-known ones, to help Houstonians learn about what’s going on in their city. Her work can be found at Examiner.com.


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