Houston (CBS Houston) – The Texans haven’t ruled out safety Ed Reed from Monday Night’s game against the Chargers. Yet.

As for his teammates? Though impressed with his progress, they might think otherwise.

“Obviously, he’s out for this game,” said cornerback Johnathan Joseph. “It’s not my call, but I just think right now I don’t think he’s going to play.”

Joseph’s line was the island in a sea of “Game Time Decisions”:

“I think that’s probably where we’re heading,” said Head Coach Gary Kubiak “Because of our situation with some other things going on, when we look at our 46 (active players) it’s probably the last available spot.”

“I wouldn’t have given him a shot earlier in the week,” said Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips. “He’s practiced more and more. He’s moved better and better. He’s felt good after practice. We’ll still have to wait and see obviously, but he’s getting real close and that’s a good thing for us.”

“It’ll probably be a decision that’s made right before the game,” said Reed. “[It’s] kind of 50/50 right now, honestly. I couldn’t say I’m gonna play, [or] I’m not gonna play…I want to play. That was my goal from day one. But I know coach and myself…we want to be smart about it.”

It may just have been a slip of the tongue by Joseph. But words like that resonate coming from a veteran defensive back. Especially one who fought through sore groins, hamstrings, and sports hernias last season. I expect Reed OUT Monday night.

You’re up Shiloh Keo.

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