Josh Reese
(credit: Bob Levey/Getty Images)

(credit: Bob Levey/Getty Images)

George Springer the 2011 1st round draft pick should stay in the minor leagues. Its September call up time and a lot of people would like to see Springer at Minute Maid Park this year. There are a few reasons why that shouldn’t happen; other than the simple fact that he can’t help the Astros win 50 games in the next month.

This year Springer spent the entire minor league season dominating at AA Corpus Christie (Hooks) and AAA Oklahoma City (RedHawks). Springer during his time at each was 3 home runs away from doing something no minor leaguer since the 1950’s have done. Have 40 homeruns and 40 stolen bases in a single season. He finished the season with a mind boggling .303 AVG, 37 HR, 108 RBI, 45 SB, .411 OBP, .600 SLG, 1.010 OPS all in 135 games (MLB full season is 162 games.)

If you translate his numbers from the minors to the majors he would rate in the top 5 in every major stat outside of batting average. Springer headlines a deep and talented pool of future Astros stars. So, why the heck is he still in the minors? At the ripe age of 23 (won’t turn 24 till September 19) I wondered the same thing. Does Astros GM Jeff Lunhow hate former Astros GM Ed Wade’s players? No he called up Wade’s players this year headlined by Johnathan Villar and Jarred Coasrt both came over on deals that sent Roy Oswalt and Hunter Pence to the Phillies. So why then? The why came to me after a Jarred Cosart start recently.

Remember the buzz around Jarred Cosart when he first came up? People all over the Houston area were talking about the future star. Now when Cosart pitches do you even care? No, you probably don’t. Cosart’s first career start 32,000 plus came to see him take the hill. His second start: 22,000. His most recent start: 14,000. The simple fact is all the buzz is gone from Cosart. For a team building for next year and beyond, why not hold off bringing up Springer and keep the buzz going until opening day 2014.

I caught up with Astros GM Jeff Luhnow during this past home stand to ask him about Springer.
“He had one of the best minor league seasons in the last 50 years,” Luhnow said of Springer’s 2013 campaign. But the GM isn’t sure if we’ll see Springer before the season ends in less than a month.
“We’re not sure at this point,” Luhnow said. “It’s been a long season for George.”

Right now it looks like springer will stay in Oklahoma City for the AAA team’s playoff run, but, according to Luhnow, there will be a discussion after that finishes. Lunhow did have a message for the Astros faithful.
That message: “Gorge Springer will be a big part of our team next year.”

While it’s always hard to know exactly what an organization is thinking, the simple fact is the Astros are building for the future and 50 AB’s with 9 home games left means nothing in the big picture. Springer and his five tool super-duper-star talent will be here next season.

So in the words of anyone in the Astros season ticket office, buy those season tickets for next year, the youth movement is coming and so is George Springer!


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