(Photo Credit: ThinkStock)

(Photo Credit: ThinkStock)

HOUSTON (CBS Houston) Furniture shopping can be a joyous experience. Sometimes the perfect piece is something that has been lovingly used before.

Many find great joy in shopping for used furniture but there are ways in which you can get even greater deals on that previously owned piece of hand-crafted goodness. Check out ways I have been able to lower the price on used furniture!

1. Consignment Shops– Consignment shops are great places for you to use your “art of negotiation skills.” Many times store managers are eager to move the merchandise and you can talk yourself into a great price, one that is lower than the one marked.

2. Look For The Marks – If I were to turn most of my furniture around so you could view its back, you would find at least one nick, blemish or mark on it. Nicked furniture is a great find, depending on where the blemish is. Sometimes the nick can be easily repaired and many times it is not even noticeable because it is in the back or it will not be exposed to the public once placed in your home. So my advice to you is to be on the hunt for the blemishes! Everyone wants to move blemished furniture and chances are you can get it close to nothing in cost!

3. Shop Online– I am a huge advocate of online shopping. Check social media outlets for great deals. When my cousin was looking for dorm furniture, she found many folks who posted pictures of their used furniture on Facebook! Used furniture shopping online for me has always been a joyous experience. I usually have in mind what I want. For example, I am looking for another end table for my bedroom now. Currently in my room I have silver pieces. So I type in key words such as “end table”, “silver”, “chrome” and “table” into my search. What I come up with are great choices of furniture that folks are selling at great prices. Most of the time when I find a great piece, I usually talk the owner down a few dollars. When folks want to get rid of their stuff, they want to get rid of their stuff and are willing to negotiate with you for a lower price. My friend Nicci calls me the “Craigslist Queen” because I am able to find great items (and even sell great items!) on that site.

(Photo Credit: ThinkStock)

(Photo Credit: ThinkStock)

4. Yard Sales– Who can forget about yard sales? Yard sales are great in getting wonderful furniture. From what I have learned about them, you want to make sure that you get there early. “If you snooze, you lose” on a yard sale. Many sales are early… no early… no early in the morning! I am talking 5-6 a.m.! Also, you want to make sure that the furniture is in good shape. Does it look worn? Did the previous owner have pets? There are several things to consider when purchasing furniture from a yard sale.

Do you have additional ways that you save on used furniture? Share them as you enjoy related video below!

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