HOUSTON (CBS Houston) As a new school year begins and many of us look for ways to look our best in the workplace, many times a great look does not mean having to buy new clothes.

The clothing you already have can be turned into what I like to call “festive wardrobe functions”! Check out some ways I “spruce up” what already exists in my clothing closets!

1. Dry Cleaning Please-Many times clothes can have that “polished” and new look once they are dry cleaned. These days you do not have to spend a fortune on dry cleaning. Now my wrap dresses I wash and let air dry in my closet, but for those tailored slacks I have and those button-down blouses, they are taken to my local dry cleaners after every wear. I love how I look in freshly dry cleaned clothes. Creases are sharp and crisp and shirts are wonderfully starched. You really make a statement about yourself if your clothes are dry cleaned.

2. Dress It Up!- Sometimes a previously-worn outfit needs new life and accessories can be your ticket to newer and innovative style. A scarf tied here, some new bangles there, a great new pair of shoes here and “bam”! You practically have a new outfit!

3. …And Speaking Of Shoes…-Have you taken a look at your shoes lately? Are they scuffed? Do they have spots, stains on them? Do they look worn? Make sure those shoes you are wearing are in tip-top shape. I love to wear patent-leather pumps. So I always make sure that they are “blinging” when I wear them… Some petroleum jelly and a cloth really give them great shine.

(Photo Credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

4. Store Clothing– When I was younger and I went to Catholic school, my mom used to harp on my brother and I about hanging our uniforms up when we arrived home and removed them. That way, they remained wrinkle-free and free of those little clothing beads. I hate to admit it but… “Mom you were right and thanks to you, I hang up my clothes.” (Please do not contact my mom and tell her I wrote that statement.) Hanging up your clothes will help to preserve them. Once you take that sweater off, hang it up, even if it is dirty or needs to be dry cleaned. Throwing it on the floor will make it dirtier and you will get those “annoying sweater balls” on it.. you know those “annoying sweater balls” I speak of.

Do you have additional tips on how to make our existing wardrobe look more polished? Share your tips and enjoy related video below!


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