Joshua Reese
(Photo: Scott Boehm/Getty Images)

(Photo: Scott Boehm/Getty Images)

With 1 preseason game under the Texans belt, it’s time for the most realistic game experience yet. Lots of players didn’t get time in the 1st game but now you can expect every able body to participate against the Dolphins. Below are 5 guys to keep an eye during the this Saturday’s game.

1. Brian Cushing
From all accounts Cush is going to see some game time this weekend and everyone wants to make sure with his return to “live action” the injury didn’t take away the side line to side line play we all have come to love and know.

2. Dennis Johnson
We all know Arian Foster will be back, we also know Ben Tate is healthy “right now” but we need to figure out which RB is going to back up both. Dennis Johnson was all the rage in camp but fizzled in the Vikings game and was outshined by everyone else who touched the ball. It’s time for Johnson to step up or step down.

3. Veterans in general
Very few vet’s played against the Vikings, and it’s now time to get back out there and hit someone other than their own teammates. Now JJ Watt and Andre Johnson don’t need MONSTER games, just get some flashes and get the heck out healthy!!

4. David Quessenberry
Wade Smith is out for now…. Could the “rook” push 2nd year player Ben Jones for the reps left by Smith. Everyone is high on Quessenberry, but Jones brings the experience the coaching staff loves. They should get 50/50 splits this Saturday and we will see if the “rook” can over take the vet

5. Sam Montgomery
So Montgomery has spent extra time after practice learning from Antonio Smith, he will get time against the Dolphins. The question is will he show that “raw” talent we all believe he has, and over take the lead Willie Jefferson and Justin Tuggle have on him?


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