Living in Houston there is one thing that is a factor: humidity. Personally, I do not mind a bit of moisture in the air; my skin stays glowing and my pores stay open; however, my hair seems to have its own battle with that moist air.

So how do you combat fizzy hair when the humidity has skyrocketed? Check out some ways you can flame the fan of the frizzy hair below!

1. “Chop Shop”– Yes, healthy hair needs to be healthy from the “rooter to the tooter”. In other words, your hair needs to be healthy from its scalp to its ends. You cannot have healthy hair if there are split ends there. So consider getting them cut off. Now if you are worried about losing length in your hair, then opt for a few hair extensions until you have your desired length. Healthy hair begins and ends at its beginning and ending.

2. Save The Air Up There!-If you can, cancel those blow-drying dates. Blow drying hair is… well it’s drying! If you are blowing your hair every day, you are not only increasing its likelihood of turning frizzy later, but you are also damaging its cuticle.

3. “Keep it Cool”– A cool water rinse after a shampoo is ideal because the cool water seals the cuticle. Now after you cool water rinse that hair, try to let it air dry.

4. Olive Oil– During those humid and hot days, I take a dime-sized amount of olive oil and place it in my hair. Olive oil has nutrients in it that help to nourish and hydrate the hair. Also, consider placing the oil on the ends of your hair as well.

5. No Heat!– If you can, leave the curling irons, flat irons and blow driers, (see tip #2!) alone, at least for a few days. That heat can be drying and heating appliances coupled with humidity and heat can really bring about the frizzes. Opt for a ponytail or hair bun for a few days or consider a wig or even extensions if they are in the budget.

The key to keeping frizzy hair off your head is nourishment and hydration. So leave the heat and the harshness alone and allow your hair to remain beautiful in frizzy weather with nourishing and hydrating products!

Do you have additional tips you use to keep frizzy hair off of your head? Share them and watch related video below!


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