Sheriff Garcia: ‘No Tax Increase Needed For Project Making County Safer’


HOUSTON (CBS Houston) Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia announced Tuesday that there would be no additional tax increases for a project geared at making Harris County safer.

During Tuesday’s unanimous vote by Commissioners Court scheduling a November 5 bond referendum on financing the county’s share of a county-city inmate processing center Sheriff Garcia stated that the new endeavor would require no tax increase to tax payers: “A project that will not cost taxpayers any more of their hard-earned money, but that will allow us to process inmates into jail faster, allowing arresting officers to get back to patrol duty more quickly, is finally moving forward after years of discussion, ” Sheriff Garcia said.

“This public safety project will avoid current costly duplications of city and county operations. It will help us book inmates into jail faster and make the release of those who are legally allowed to be released more efficient, saving taxpayers’ money,” Sheriff Garcia added.

Sheriff Garcia also said that the new measure would make working conditions better and safer for his staff, who now work in “archaic conditions”. “It will also be better for the community because it will allow our programs aimed at avoiding recidivism to become much more effective. This is a good day for taxpayers and public safety,” stated Sheriff Garcia.

Sheriff Adrian Garcia was elected sheriff of Harris County in 2008. Before becoming sheriff, Garcia spent 23 years with the Houston Police Department.


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