I’ve never been so excited for a preseason game.

The Texans finally get to beat up on someone else this week when they travel to Minnesota to face the Vikings on Friday night. If you don’t remember, the Vikings left Reliant stunned and saddened last December when they came to HTown and shut down the Texans offense while Christian Ponder worked his magic and led the Vikes to a 23-6 win.

Yes, I really wrote “Christian Ponder worked his magic.” My computer nearly froze.

However, it’s not as though this Friday will be some type of grudge match with emotions on the line or legacies at stake. It’s simply the opening to the 2013 preseason for both teams and while I’m sure we’ll see two, perhaps three series from both teams’ starters, its the twos and threes that I’m most interested to see, and guess what, we’ll see plenty..!

In years past watching preseason games, I’ve watched because I was glad to finally see some football and didn’t really care that the majority of the game would be guys I had no previous knowledge of. This year though I’m actually covering training camp and I’ve watched the fringe guys who more than likely won’t make the team, but still might latch on to another team.

On this year’s Texans squad, there haven’t been many undrafted types that have made a splash to the point where they’re pushing for a spot and become a feel-good story. Of course Willie Jefferson has, but there’s nothing all that mushy about being an outside linebacker and clocking quarterbacks, plus he’s from my home away from home, Big Money Texas – that’s Beaumont for those that don’t know – and there’s nothing mushy about the 409.

Dennis Johnson, the poor man’s MJD, will get the start on Friday, and I’m curious to see what he can do, not to mention can he hold on to the football. That hasn’t been a problem for him in training camp, but according to Teddy J’s source, that was one of the knocks on the young man coming out of Arkansas. Another undrafted rookie I’m looking forward to seeing is Justin Tuggle, son of Jessie. Jessie was a monster at linebacker for Atlanta in Tecmo Bowl back in the day, so it remains to be seen whether little Tuggle can carry the torch.

I’ll give ya’ll a nice little something before Friday’s game, what that will be, merely words, but they’ll be words you can feel good about heading into the game, as if you had a personal connection with some of the guys playing. That’s what I do folks, bring people – often times total strangers – together.

You’re welcome.

I have to bounce over to Texans training camp so I can catch the last hour of guys in shorts and shirts and helmets running after each other, but we’ve got a strong program for you tonight. Former All-Pro offensive lineman and Aggie Richmond Webb joins us at 630 to talk some pigskin, and I’m guessing we may ask him a question about Johnny Manziel. We’ll give you some takeaways from camp today, plus we’ll have our usual Fair or Foul and back by popular demand – Family Feud. It’ll be a doozie of show ladies and gents, won’t you join us from 6-10?


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