HOUSTON (CBS Houston) He has a rare disease and has only been given weeks to live. Now his parents want to celebrate his life before he passes as well as their union of love.

The two-year-old boy will serve as best man to his parents’ wedding this coming weekend.

According to Christine Swidorsky and Sean Stevenson of Jeannette changed their wedding date so their two-year-old son Logan could take part.

“We got this all together with family and friends,” Swidorsky told KDKA-TV. “All the help and donations from everybody, we thank you so much. There’s such kind people out there, you don’t even know who cares.”

Logan was born with a rare genetic disorder called fanconi anemia, which often leads to the onset of cancer.

“The toddler was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia and most recently with clear-cell carcinoma after doctors found a tumor on his kidney,” stated “Doctors say he only has weeks to live, so Swidorsky and Stevenson wanted to make sure they could walk down the aisle with him.”

With doctors stating that he only has weeks to live, his parents have opted to make life a celebration before Logan’s passing.

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