The Houston job market is becoming stronger overall, but some professions are stronger than others right now. Due to how technology and electronics have grown in popularity over the past few decades, a worker with a technology degree now has a place at nearly every organization, as all companies who rely on computers and other systems need someone to maintain and create systems for them. Houston is consistently ranked as one of the top job markets in the country for technology workers. George Scott, a technology consultant, knows this firsthand and talks about his experience in the Houston technology market.

Technology Consultant George Scott (photo courtesy of George Scott)

Technology Consultant George Scott (photo courtesy of George Scott)

What degree program did you study?

“Computer information systems, equivalent to management information systems. I also have an MBA from Houston Baptist University.”

What does your current position entail?

“My current positions are all pretty similar. As a business owner of my own consulting firm and senior officer in another consulting firm, I’m always investigating and experimenting with new technology: following current events, not just technology news, trying to understand how we can use existing and emerging technology for new and existing clients, exploring avenues for marketing our services, exploring opportunities for developing products/services for underserved niches, networking and developing relationships with other businesses, developing ideas and opportunities for my existing clients, experimenting with hands-on software development [including] web, mobile and desktop software programming, managing projects [including] budgets, tasks, risks, issues, etc. and communicating with clients.”

Do you feel your education prepared you for your current role?

“My formal education didn’t give me the skills that I have now, but it did provide me with the framework that I needed for acquiring those skills. Students should focus on developing skills in analysis, research and problem solving. These skills will prepare you to succeed in any career and in life. They will also set you apart from your competition, which is now global, not just local. You have to be able to understand how the business works. What are the challenges it faces now and in the future? What are the opportunities? I’ve learned math, science and other specific subject matter but, more importantly, I’ve learned how to learn and how to apply what I’ve learned.”

Do you have any advice for people who would be interested in pursuing a similar career?

“Be flexible and continue learning. Technology is changing, the world is changing. You have to be able to adapt and thrive. Don’t just learn one skill, or one programming language. I had no idea where my career would take me, but I’ve enjoyed each role and I continue to enjoy the journey.”

Gillian Kruse is a freelance writer living in Houston. She graduated from Rice University with a great love for all performing and visual arts. She enjoys writing about arts and cultural events, especially little-known ones, to help Houstonians learn about what’s going on in their city. Her work can be found at


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