HOUSTON (CBS Houston) When it comes to “thinking green”, you can do so in just about every room in your home. Today, I will share ways I have “gone green” in my bedroom and encourage you to follow suit!

1. Unplugging Electronics– In my bedroom, I have my computer as well as my Internet access jack. I unplug them completely from the wall when I leave for work each day or when I am going on a trip. Even if your computer is not turned on, it can still zap energy so unplug them totally and completely for extended periods of time.

2. Keeping Lights Off– I am one for burning great and wonderful soy candles and I love to use them as a a source of energy and light at times, especially for meditation or reading a prayer from my prayer book. Consider doing the same thing. Does that lamp really need to be on? Does that overhead light really need to be lit? Consider turning those lights off in your bedroom when it comes to conserving energy and consider the wonderful and calming effect those candles have. Also, consider the natural light from the moon and the sun as energy sources and light. I love to position my blinds to just the right area to get great sunlight. I can also monitor how much light gets into my room by the position of my blinds.

3. Ceiling Fans– Did you know that a ceiling fan running in reverse helps circulate heat more effectively? That is a tip to think about when it begins to cool off and winter time is upon is. Running that fan in reverse helps to lower your electricity bills during the winter. In the summer, your ceiling fan can help improve ventilation. I live in apartment and my unit came with a ceiling fan. Also, I run it in the morning here in Houston before the hot sets in and to give my air conditioner a break… anyone wanna pay my power bill for the month? LOL

4. Have You Ever Considered Curtain Panels? — I went shopping and found some wonderful drapes at a consignment shop! They are oatmeal-colored and really help to keep the heat out of my room during those summer months. This in turn lowers my power bill for that “A.C”!

5. Organic Bedding — Recently, I purchased some bedding made from organic cotton and I must say that not only are the sheets wonderful, but my allergies tend to “sleep” as well! You may want to consider doing the same!

6. Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs– What kind of light bulbs are in those bedroom lamps? Are they energy efficient? They should be! Compared to traditional incandescents, energy-efficient lightbulbs such as energy-saving incandescents and compact fluorescent lamps are known to typically use about 25%-80% less energy (which in turn saves you money!) and can last longer than regular bulbs! So if you have to snap on a light, do it with a bulb that is friendlier to our earth!

Do you have additional tips that you use to “go green” in your bedroom? Share them and watch related video below!


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