WILL GRUBB, CBS HoustonBy Will Grubb

Houston (CBS Houston)- The use of video replay has once again gained more influence in today’s modern NBA.

The NBA Board of Governors approved several new rule changes which expand when and how video replay can be used. The most notable change is the ability to review the block/charge call in the final two minutes of a game. Officials can also review whether an off-the-ball foul occurred before or after a player releases a made shot.

“You always try to level the playing field and basically get it right,” said Kiki Vandeweghe, vice president of basketball operations.

Officials will also be able to asses additional unsportsmanlike or flagrant fouls during a review for an unrelated play. If an official goes to review a block/charge foul and in the process discovers a previously unseen flagrant foul, they can now call it directly from the video monitor.

The growing use of replay is a controversial subject amongst basketball fans. There is a fine line between getting every call right and preserving the rhythm of the game. While replay does give the human eye a safety net, it can also lead to time consuming reviews.

Replay played a large roll during the NBA finals, Ray Allen’s corner three in game six was reviewed to make sure his feet were behind the line.


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