HOUSTON (CBS Houston) Tis the season for those pesky mosquitoes! Just when you think they are not there or you have protected yourself from them, they sneak up on your precious skin and take a bite out of it.

Never fear. Instead of reaching for that mosquito spray, take a look at ways you can treat your mosquito bite and these ways do not require scratching or rubbing it!

1. Ice It never fails… I take my power walk at Memorial Park here in Houston. I go early enough in the morning in which I think that nothing rises to meet the early dawn but me and the Lord and then… there’s a bump. Lucky for me, I keep a cold water in my car with ice. I take one of the cubes from my water cup and place it on the bump. Immediately the desire to scratch it goes away and I feel a bit better.

2. Alcohol This is not the kind of alcohol that you drink but the kind that you would rather slather on that skin of yours. Make sure that your bite is clean by rubbing it with your rubbing alcohol. For me, it also soothes the bite and makes life a bit more bearable. Try it!

3. Baking Soda Paste My granny (God rest her precious soul) would make us a baking soda paste of baking soda and water to treat our bites. She would mix the two until she had a great thick (not too thick… ) paste and would place it on our bites. It would really help relieve the redness and the itching. Now I have heard of folks taking small amounts of household cleaner and mixing it with baking soda… I heard it really helps so FYI on that.

4. Vinegar Did you know that vinegar can really help the swelling, itching and redness of a mosquito bite? It can. Take a cotton ball and turn up your vinegar bottle and then place that soaked cotton ball on your bite… you will smell like vinegar and pickles but hey… that bite will be diminished!

5. Calamine Lotion Get your lotion and apply it to the bite till it dries to that nice crust you know and love… it’s taking all of the poison and sting out of that bite.

6. Tea Bag Taking a tea bag and placing it in hot water and then placing that tea bag on your bite is also quite effective in alleviating the pain and nuisance of a mosquito bite.

7. Hyrocortisone Cream is a great cream that takes out the itch and sting of mosquito bites. Now remember to rub it in.. once, I walked into the grocery store with white dots on me and was asked by security was I physically OK.

Do you have additional ways in which you treat mosquito bites? Share them and enjoy the related video below!

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