HOUSTON (CBS Houston) When it comes to personal grooming, there are ways to cut costs and still look great! When it comes to hair care, there are ways to trim dollars so that it makes great sense!

Check out some ways in which your “crowning glory” can look fantastic without you breaking your bank!

1. Purchase Hair Products On Sale When you see that your favorite hair care product is on sale, purchase it so you will have it in the future. Look for products that can spend a considerable amount of time on the shelf and stock up! I love spray on conditioners to keep my hair soft supple and conditioned. So when I see them on sale, I stock up!

2. Get Great Deals From Your Stylist If you are visiting a stylist on a regular basis, work out deals to save money. My “every two week hair treatments” from Sacha now only cost me $20! Initially, I was paying her $30. I was new, she was not sure if I would return so she was charging me what she would normally charge another client. Now that she can count on me to pay her every month for my hair services, she has discounted them and not only does my hair look and great from professional styling, but so does my wallet!

3. Check the Internet For Great Deals! Chances are your favorite hair care line has a website and that line is offering deals on great products! Look for them and then ask for them! Remember… you have not cause you ask not… so ask!

4. Save Those “Duds” Recycling hair products within your own household is a wonderful way to save money. Say for example you bought a product in the summer to tame the “frizzies.” Well, you find that same product months later in the wintertime and you try it… then you realize that  it works like a charm. Remember, hair behaves differently in various climates so consider such as you make your hair care purchases.

5. Cut Back! When I write “cut back”, I am not talking about what you spend but rather how much of your hair care products you use. Do you really need all of that gel in your palm? For many of us, a quarter-size to a half-dollar-size amount of shampoo is sufficient. So you look at a big bottle of shampoo and see how many “quarter-sizes” you can get from it and watch how much hair product you are using on a regular basis.

(Photo Credit:  Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

6. Generic And Alternatives Are Good I am a woman that loves De-tangler. I love for it to smell good. I love to spray it as if there is no end in my hair during the summer months. My De-tangler is not the expensive because now I have discovered that I can cut costs by buying “baby De-tangler”. “Baby De-tangler” is gentle on my hair (hello! It’s made for a baby!), it’s inexpensive and it smells great. Shop for generic brands and know that you are still getting great hair care products, even without the designer label. If you have questions, just ask a stylist!

Do you have additional tips you use to save money on hair care products? Share them as you enjoy related video below!


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