Everyone remembers a point in their lives when they were acting like a complete buffoon and hurt themselves doing it rendering them humiliated and their pride shattered. Mine came as an adolescent making faces and gestures behind my mom as she reprimanded my brother for misbehaving. Well, I accomplished my goal of making him laugh when I moved the wrong way and Karma sent a searing pain through my neck for which I had to be taken to a chiropractor to get relieved.

As embarrassing as that was (and still is) for me, I can’t imagine being so high on myself in the center of the famed UFC Octagon, taunting a world-class challenger with intent to make him look foolish. Perhaps “The Spider” has never heard the timeless euphemism, “Don’t poke the bear!”. That’s exactly what he’s been doing during his seven-year reign as UFC Middleweight Champion to each challenger that’s dared to step inside the cage with him. This time, at 38 years of age, Anderson Silva poked the wrong bear and learned the same lesson in humility the rest of us learned as children.

With 3:48 left in the second round, then UFC number one Middleweight Contender, Chris Weidman, landed a brushing left hook prompting Silva to act like it weakened his knees as if to say, “You don’t have the power or skill to knock me out.” Weidman responded with another left that landed followed by a whiffing overhand right, then an awkward backhand right as Silva dodged and weaved but he couldn’t avoid the blow that ended an era for, whom many argue is the greatest mixed martial artist ever. It was a left hook, the same one that caused Silva to act like he was hurt just seconds earlier, that landed flush on the button of the chin that put Silva on his butt falling backward and bouncing his head on the same canvas in which so many challengers before have lain upon at his feet unconscious in defeat.

Weidman pounced on Silva landing a couple more shots dribbling Silva’s head on the mat before, referee, Herb Dean put a stop to the historic fight at 3:42 in the second round. History was made last night in Las Vegas MGM Grand Arena. A new king crowned UFC Middleweight Champion of the World leaving the 38-year-old Silva to ponder his future. While the former champ cryptically spoke regarding “no longer fighting for the belt”, according to Damon Martin at Bleacher Report, Dana White quickly nipped that in the bud following the fight stating there would be a rematch likely in New Jersey Super Bowl weekend 2014. Today begins the reign of a new champion, Chris Weidman.

Britt Hoffmann, Tap Houston

taphouston21 Tap Houston: Down Goes Silva!!! Down Goes Silva!!!


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