We’re definitely in the dog days of the sports calendar and the torrid humidity that is anywhere you walk in Houston at basically any time of day or night certainly isn’t making anyone feel better.

The Aaron Hernandez saga never ceases to amaze as this dude has been a ‘Where’s Waldo’ of criminal activity with literally every crime in the last five years having some sort of Aaron Hernandez connection to it.

I heard he was hanging out with Bin Laden the night OBL took a dirt nap thanks to SEAL Team Six.

Then there was scuttlebutt he’s been kicking it with Chapo Guzman.

Even Dr. Michael Brown, the scandalous hand doctor from “H-Town” said he’s been known to kick it with AH.

Dude gets around.

Needless to say, the Hernandez story and the fascinating facts and narratives that have sprung from such an unprecedented story have provided plenty of fodder the past two weeks, but as the story begins to wane in shock value and new information, thankfully we have Dwight Howard to save the day.

Fortunately, Dwight hasn’t killed anyone and whether or not he can still trust anyone is something only he knows. Granted the Orlando Magic might disagree with some of that, but the Race to Dwight Howard is “on and poppin”‘, and your Houston Rockets are right in the thick of the chase. They’ve offered him a TV Show, his own locker, parking space and presumably they’ll find some way to wrassle #12 away from Patrick Beverly.

Unless Beverly threatens to take out Dwight’s knee.

“Ya’ll saw what I did to Russ West,” Beverly was overheard saying recently. Apparently Patrick was taught Putin-style defensive positioning while playing in Russia.

I have maintained for more than a month now that Dwight would find his way to Houston, because if he was serious about winning and winning immediately, Houston gave him his best chance of doing so. Playing with Harden, Parsons and whoever makes the cut after Morey slices and dices the roster will give the Rockets a top 2 team in the Western Conference.

A Twitter report yesterday from Jordan Schultz of Huffington Post said it’s a lock he’s going to Dallas, and if it’s on Twitter, it has to be true. Point is, be ready for a flood of misinformation over the next week until we finally hear from Howard’s own mouth as to where he’s going to play basketball for the next 3-4 years.

Again, I’m sticking with my Rockets prediction.

Big Show tonight by the way… In case you missed it, Houston’s own Slim Thug, although not being part of the Rocket contingent that visited with D12 Sunday night was active on Twitter yesterday sending out Tweets to Howard as to why he should choose Houston over the other suitors. I must say, and I agree with Ted on this, he presented a pretty strong case.

He cited Houston as having:

Better Strip Clubs – of course.

Texas is easier on your pocket when it comes to child support when you have multiple baby mamas – true statement.

A bottle of rose is considerably cheaper in Houston – $250 according to Slim – and that’s including everything – versus a cool $1000 for the same kind of treatment in LA – I would’ve made the ‘cheaper gas’ argument, but that’s really not an issue for Dwight.

Perhaps the most convincing of all arguments, in Texas you can talk on the phone and text while driving – We have a winner.

Best part of all these little Slim Thug nuggets – you’ll get to hear him talk about them and what inspired such genius tonight at 830.

Finally, the Know Your Foe series continues with its sixth installment as we welcome the play-by-play man for the Rams radio broadcast, Steve Savard, who joins us at 630. I’m guessing he’ll enlighten us more than Vernon Davis did last night. As Ted said, I’m not really sure we know anything more than we knew before about the 49ers. But maybe that was the point…. Hmmmmm.

Okay, this is really it, I’m leaving after this – couple programming notes – be sure to come out to the first ever Fred and Ted remote broadcast LIVE at the Brickhouse Tap and Tavern Wednesday night in Humble off 1960 and 59. You can’t miss it. It’s part of our Beer, Burgers and Balls tour. It’s going down 6-10, it’s going to be a good time, and most people have Thursday off, so c’mon out and have some fun…. Because you know we will.

See you tonight at 6.



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